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shaqpack609 said:
well, name a prediction he got wrong

 Bioshock 2 a PS3 timed exclusive, Killzone 2 ad during the super bowl, and 1.1 million customer pr-orders for Killzone 2 in Europe. There is three off the top of my head.

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Nirvana_Nut85 said:
786_ali said:
NinjaKido said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:
I find it hard to take someone seriously who can barely speak proper english


What's proper english exactly ? language that conforms to the standard of dictionaries ?. Well dictionaries only document change and evolution in language , I don't think there is such thing as proper "english" . We could argue that most americans wern't speaking "proper" english using the same standard.

In essence, the only proper english is spoken in Pakistan due to the fault between the tectonic plates of Indian Plate and some Afghanistan Plate. But yes, there is no proper english. I consider any english I can understand as proper english


@ Ninja - Well, most English speaking countries can understand other countries forms of English. Hiphop Gamer is not even mak9ng sense he just babbling on like a bewildered idiot.

@ 786 - Interesting, explain more. At the same time the words that hip hop gamer used are not even considered English. 


Well you just contradicted yourself , there is no proper english . If you didn't understand what he was saying that's more a personal matter.