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Neither Blu ray or Hd dvd will be as big as DVD was. All my mates download films in HD. They havent been buying DVDs for about a year now.

In fact I think by 2009 HD downloads will exceed Bluray and HD dvd sales.


It's cheaper to.

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It's illegal, so it doesn't count.

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Where on earth are you from, South Korea?! As I don't know a single person that has an internet connection to enable them to do that. Heck, I downloaded linux the other day, and it took me like 2hrs, just for 500mb or so! Unlike an HD movie, which might be something like 30gb, which would take 120hrs! Until internet speeds are vastly improved, that won't happen. And atm, the only way they can be improved, is by replacing the phone lines with fibre optics, and frankly, that's going to take longer than 2009!

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its kinda a joke on blue3 thread. lol.

But seriously they do it but illegally. microsoft have it all up and running to a certain degree by the end of the year. significatly cheaper than 20£ bluray or hd dvd. im in the uk.

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lol, tispower. There are high-def movies available for download on the 360 service between 4 and 8gb. As an Australian, this is FAR beyond my bandwidth capabilities, but certainly not beyond Americans, Europeans and Japanese

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HD file sizes are a lot smaller when they are on your computer in format such as divx or mp4 and many other good compression codecs.

Similar to the way DVD works, when you convert them so that they would play on the household regular players, the filesize usually tripple as a mininum. Why? I haven't got curious enough to find that out... yet

Also, broadband connection in north america hadn't progress much. I still am using the same speed as I did 5 years ago. Meanwhile, places such as Japan are getting 3x speed and paying 1/3 of what we get here. Or something like that.

Why our technology isn't going anywhere is entirely another issue.

Its certainly the next logical step. music is doing it. we dont need another medium. downloads are more accessable. Its inevitable really.

I agree. Neither of these formats will come close to Dvd's dominance. I dont think that will be a problem for the PS3 in the next two or three years, but it could become an issue in 4 or 5 if blu ray simply never sells in the numbers neccessary to make it as cheap as the dvd drives in the 360

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I'll bet that downloaded movies have surpassed media based storage if you count illegal downloads. Since this is bad for the studios, they will find a way to sell their wares and cut out the illegal downloads.