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Forums - General Discussion - Whats your Ethnicity?

Maynard_Tool said:
O0o0o0o ok, Mestizo.



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It helps when I want to get into a good college. ;)

1/2 Krogan
1/2 Ewok

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Portuguese. Child of immigrants.

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Finnish and about as white as possibly without being albino. ^^

If you want to get technical, then my grandparents include two Savonians, one Karelian, and one... whatever people from Kotka are.

White - 1/2 scottish, 1/4 Italian and a 1/4 French (but I dont act French!)

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100% Assyrian
Born in Iraq
and I'm living in Canada.


I'm half Nicaraguan, and half Dutch. I was born in the Netherlands though.

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GamingChartzFTW said:

White English


what he said.