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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The 2007 Top 5 Big Guns for Gamestop/EB

I think is right for the most part what you have to look at is the fact that, this games will have months to sale or in the case of Halo 3 will just flat out sell out when it is release and alot of people have 360's to say the least. MGS4 will sell great but even if it sales to everyone in the US that's only 1.3 by then 1.8 millions copies sold vs 360 having 5.7 mil console in home right now.With the Wii Galaxy will sell Brawl will but if 5 million Americans don't have a Wii yet they make more money with the 360.(Not including other countries if Gamespot even has stores in other countries).




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I think God of War is number one because of the pre-orders here in America (I dont think its that popular in other places). This game already passed 1 million pre-orders and before the game comes out I wouldnt be surprised if they passed 2 million pre-orders. The game comes out in 4 days and im guessing first month sales to be 1.5 million in the US and overall in all the country's to be somewhere around 4-6 million.