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If you've been straining your eyes and ears over the recently released "soundwave trailer" forModern Warfare 2, you may want to give your weary senses a rest, and turn your attention to one of two comprehensive breakdowns of the trailer that recently appeared in our inbox. The first is a video analysis from YouTuber d4v1dm0rt, which is embedded after the break. The second, a compilation of zoomed in screengrabs from the trailer (broken down by Binge Gamer's Mike Murakami), can be viewed here.

They probably spotted a few items you might have missed out on -- such as the brief image depicting five perk icons, four of which appear to be entirely new. Maybe you didn't catch the flash frame of O Cristo Redentor, which could be hinting at Rio de Janeiro as a possible in-game locale. Perhaps your keen gaze overlooked the momentarily visible teddy bear, which could symbolize ... cuddlier enemies? Yeah, we're still not too sure about that one.


more info:

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What systems is this coming to?

Prepare for termination! It is the only logical thing to do, for I am only loyal to Megatron.

both ps3 and 360

thank god its coming out soon... i hate cod waw and i need to play something soon

me too, didn't get it but had the chance to play the beta, okay is not the same but still didn't like it, by the way there's a video at youtube analyzing the teaser for MW2.(check the link)

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this is a game im absolutely dying for

i hope they do have some european locations, not just eastern block, middle east

hell itd be fun to fight in times square in this type of game

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if this has improved multiplayer itll be amazing!

south america aswell (favelas in brazil)

stop making trailers and make the game already!!!

Teddy bears? Sounds dangerous.

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