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I’m not one to air out my dirty laundry, but I’ve come to realize that the things that get my fiance and I riled up at each other are gaming related.

See if you and your significant other “push each other’s buttons” like he and I do after the jump.

10. You want to go to bed, they won’t until they finish “just one more match”.  You fall asleep and they come to bed 4 matches later… and wake you up.

9. Their console goes to the infirmary and they hijack yours and you can’t play in your normal gaming time slot.

8. You accidentally drop a controller and they get on your case. They throw a controller and it’s all good.

7. You play a “girly” game on their profile.

6. You amassed all ammo and health on a level while they are one bar close to death and using their last round.

5. They share news about their life to their online friends before having told you anything first.

4. They bought themselves 3 games and didn’t get you any.

3. They don’t let you play on the big TV because they want to watch a show at that precise moment. Oh, and show is on the DVR.

2. You just beat them….again.

1. You get a game for yourself and THEY play it first, robbing you of that special feeling you get from ripping open the plastic!  Grrrrrrrrrrrrr



LOL @ Number 1 so true!

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I was playing console games with a friend at his place once, when his girlfriend burst from another room, and demanded to know if he had changed hey keybinds for WoW. He humbly explained that it was only so he could grind her a few levels, then fixed her binds (she couldn't remember what they were, but was still annoyed that they were different), gave some tips on how to proceed to the next big quest, and they were all hugs and kisses again. ^^

Wow, people who have arguments like that have serious personal issues...

In almost all of those arguments, the fiance is being extremely selfish and a complete asshole to their partner. What the hell?