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Hi all! Megadude here.

Ok so let's say you had the power to force somone to play any 3 games of your choosing to show them how wonderfully fun videogames can be. Which would you choose? It's a super tough decision.

After much thought I have chosen:

1. Final Fantasy 3/(6) (SNES) Because it has the best story and music still to this day.

2. Little Big Planet (PS3) Because the fun never ends.

3. The legend of Zelda: A link to the past (SNES) Because it is just soo friggan epic.

About my choices: Final Fantasy 6 was a no brainer. I was torn between Little Big planet and Super Mario Galaxy. I chose LBP in the end because of the multiplayer and user generated content. I was also considering The Ocarina of time, but chose A Link to the past for having better music and story.

So if you had to choose only 3 games to represent the very best in gaming which would you choose? There is no need to consider ease of use, as the hypothetical user would be forced to play each game in its entirety. After I will tally the votes to decide the top 3 recommended games by VG Chartz users!

Please note: It will be a challenge to only include 3 games. I could easily make a list of 100+ games I would highly recommend. If you feel you must make a bigger list feel free and I will add the first 3 games you mention to the vote count.  


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1 - The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask

2 - Super Mario Bros. 3

3 - Resident Evil 4

Fable II
Resident Evil 4
Final Fantasy X






fire emblem radiant dawn- to see whether or not they're real gamers and can handle a real challenge from a game

Any mario main series game, probably galaxy or world- they're a masterclass in gaming in it's purest form

loz oot- A no brainer really, the greatest game ever.

If i didn't like the person i was recomending to i'd recomend

gta4- personofies everything wrong with modern gaming

big rig racing- epic comedy would ensue from viewing someone play ths debacle

loz oot- even someone i hate should play this game, lol.

nintendo and sega fan since i was old enough to hold a game controller.

note: my games collection on my profile is only 20ish% complete, i've got a boatload of 360,saturn and dreamcast games to add and a few ps3 games, thanks :)


1- FFX
2- Oblivion
3- tie between pokemon blue and Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time

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Mario 64
Bubble Bobble on Commodore 64
No More Heroes

Hard to choose, but those were the first that popped into my head.


Suikoden II
Suikoden V

Phantasy Star Online(as long as it was for dreamcast/gamecube online ;) )
Conkers Bad Fur Day - N64
Shenmue - Dreamcast

1-Super Metroid
2-Chrono Trigger
3-Metal Gear Solid

Although I must say everyone is naming games that I really enjoyed playing,but these were the first to pop into my head.