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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Real Talk w/Snake612:Man behind unknown video revealed,my Killzone 2 review

Welcome to the 15th edition of Real Talk with Snake612. Today is March 5, 2009. Tonight I got a jam packed edition of Real Talk. Last week, I got this weird email from someone who wants to save vgchartz. You guys seen the video and well.... TONIGHT! We will find out who is behind the video. I got the exclusive interview with "The One". You won't believe who it is!

But First, I am going to premiere two new music videos.

Check them out and stay tuned for more!

Real Talk Premiere: The DREAM "Rockin that Thang"

Real Talk Premiere: Jim Jones " Na Na Nana Na Na"


Alright, Welcome back. I hope you enjoy those two new videos. I really like The Dream's new song. Anyways, I just going to go straight into the my Killzone 2 review. Well, I didn't exactly play the game but I played the demo and I will give you my impressions on the demo and what I think of the game and its first week sales.


Real Talk Review: Killzone 2 Demo

So a couple of days ago, I downloaded the demo of Killzone 2 and I started playing the game. At first I getting killed within 2 seconds of playing. The combat fighting was that crazy. Maybe its because I haven't played a shooting game in awhile since Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. So I started playing the game, and I was amazed by the graphics. I wasn't too much of a fan of shooting. It didn't seem on point to me. Anyway I think the storyline is pretty great and I like how the cutscenes just go straight into the game. Overall the shooting was pretty good and I didn't see any aiming lag on the shooting. When I meant the shooting wasn't on point, I meant that when you shot at someone, it didn't always hit them. Maybe because I was bit far away. Overall, the demo was great and Killzone 2 is one of those games on the ps3 to pick up. The sales are pretty good despite the ps3 hardware sales.

On a Scale of 1 to 10

 I rate this game a 10 out of 10 for  REAL TOUGH!

Stay tuned you guys. The interview is coming up next!!



Real Talk Interview with the One


Snake612: Even though I don't know who you are,
 welcome to VGchartz. I am going to get to the bottom of this and ask you why did you make this video?

The One: I made this video just to have something that isn’t related to Killzone 2or whatever the forums have been rehashing over and over again (Killzone 2 is scik by the way). Also, I felt it got the message across concerning what needs to happen to VGChartz. It doesn’t only concern me.

Snake612: Why do you think VGChartz needs to be saved?

The One: As I said, VGChartz has been monotonous for some time now. I have been “lurking” for a while, so I think it needs a spark again. I can’t do it alone, but new posters are coming in and we can be a much better website as a whole. I also want to contribute a LOT more things. And battle Nordlead for Predictions League bragging rights lol.

Snake612: So you call yourself "the One", you care to tell us who you really are?

The One:  I am really just a guy who likes this website more than many others.

Snake612: Exactly why must VGChartz saved? What do we need to be saved from?

The One:  Hmm…redundant here Snake. Let me put it this way. We have people like RolStoppable, who make threads once in a while that are interesting to read and aren’t laden with fanboyism, and really take good looks at what is going on in the gaming industry. Then there are people like Squilliam (like the guy but…..) His attempts at being “witty” due to the absence of many  other old posters and the lack of new refreshing ones make him look like a reject from a Gilmore girls episode for lack of a better…joke. Then there are trolls, which I’m itching to disprove. I mean, that’s what the internet is for right?! Lol

Snake612:Out of all the vgchartz users in the world, why did you think i have to air this video during Real Talk?

The One:Well, Real Talk was the only outlet on VG which regularly posted videos, and plus, your show needed some help. I mean… it got squashed by Unreal Talk in a matter of seconds.

The One:To finally answer your question, I am…through all the unnecessary hype, just…....SaviorX


I couldn't believe it. SaviorX? WTF

I'll see yall next week.


This has been a Real Talk Production

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when do we see the maker of your the video


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cool.....looking forward to see whho the mystery video sender was

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It turns out that the mystery video sender was your evil twin brother! What a Twist!




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this one goes out to whoever made the video (the one snake612 is on about, not the video above)


Killzone 2 looks super, im hoping to get it next week

Looks like this show is going to get Real interesting the show is awesome just awesome so far can wait for the interview

Darth better have something good up his selves for his show tomorrow hes going to need a real good quest and interview if he wants to top this


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Patiently waiting........

This should be good!

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