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Forums - Sales Discussion - Graph of 4 generations of videogames in America

i revived this to ask whether anyone thinks it's possible to have graphs like that working for the compare charts....all any of you have said is "omg its old" and commented on ioi's other account.

I think it would be pretty cool if the charts were basically the same for the current gen (Wii,PS3,360,DS,PSP) and the still selling last gen (PS2,GBA,GC to an extent) except that you can turn each systems line on and off so you can have them all on at once if you like.
Also though, there could be graph lines for the older systems that you can turn on/off but they wouldn't have to be calculated like the still selling systems, if they were just like pictures then the chart wouldn't have to load them like it does now (i assume it re-loads all the weekly figures each time, which is why it sometimes fails for me when loading the massive number of PS2 weeks)

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konnichiwa said:
WTH, Another mod with a way to low postcount :s;

Mega ultra fail

it's ioi's other account nab

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