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So now we only have Nintendo Store and a future chain of Microsoft Stores.

Sony is closing down its one-and-only U.S. PlayStation store at the Metreon mall in San Francisco. The recession is clearly to blame, but it’s happening at time when Microsoft — which opened and shut its own Microsoft store at the Metreon — is going to open a chain of its own stores.

The Sony Style stores are peppered throughout the country. But the PlayStation store was the flagship location for Sony’s game business in the U.S. It will be sad to see the store close just ahead of another Game Developers Conference. Where will the game geeks go now during their breaks?I’ve spent a lot of hours over the years in the PlayStation store. It opened in 1999 and occupied 350,000-square feet. Sony sold off its interest to the Westfield Group and Forest City Enterprises in 2006, according to GameSpot. You could always see the latest games at the PlayStation bar or watch demos on a big-screen TV.

Well quite sad. Remember the PS2 launch? If not check the video of the old happy days:

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The thread title is deceiving.

AE86 said:
The thread title is deceiving.

That's because I couldn't post the complete name of the store.


i thought you meant the one on psn!





Really this isnt much of a lose to Sony as it might be one less location but its also less employees and rent to pay. They still have their SonyStyles stores anyways which feature everything.

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Did anyone ever go to that store? I live in Cali and I certainly haven't :/

Microsoft is opening it's own chain? One more time... Who would go to these stores ;-; This is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of! *sigh*

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