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Those sales for Endless Ocean and Dewy's Adventure are painful to look at.

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dewy's in particular... I wonder why that game bombed so hard it actually looks quite good.

Maybe it should be a budget title... I'd definitely buy t but I don't really want to pay full price...

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Endless Ocean did not Fail. The game only had a 20k first shipment and it pretty much sold out in 2 weeks. What the game needs now is another shipment.

It was most definitely not a failure. Someone around here quoted previous title sales and it looked to beat those. Also the glitch was overstated. It doesn't compare to the EA Madden glitches. Also I believe they put out an offer for a free replacement for those affected.

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Lol I hope Dewy does well, that game actually looks 1/2 decent...

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Everyone knew about the glitch way before the game came out. I think the game had already shipped and Nintendo is using Japan as more of a test market. I think there is a reason that Nintendo is releasing it so quietly.

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How did the first two Endless Ocean/Forever blue games do? I am correct in believing that this is the third game in the series, with two previous releases on the PS2, correct?

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Everblue is the series you are thinking of. This is from the same developer but they claim enough differences to not consider it the same series. The first was released only in Japan and the second averaged a score of 60 though reviews were really wide from the 30s to 90s.

Famitsu rated Endless Ocean a 35/40 with one reviewer scoring a rare 10.

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Cobretti said:
Also this is kind of expected. Since japanese like to hunt for whales not swim with them.

 LOL. That was a good one. hahahaha

 What kind of froze is it? I mean, you have to restart the game to play again?

Everblue 1 sold about 30k units, and Everblue 2 around 10k units.
So Endless Ocean is NOT a failure, even though it should do more than any of its predecessor in Japan, but then again there's the glitch.
As it will be released in Europe and USA too, with Nintendo's marketing I think, I bet it will do far more than the previous ones.