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Forums - Sales Discussion - The Official December NPD 2008 Thread

Must have happened. GAF is down!


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DMeisterJ said:
Must have happened. GAF is down!


Apparently the topic's not upp yet as of the time of my typing this....

GAF down GAF down!

its like a monthly ritual lol. its also one of those things which shows that on the internet at least sales matter.

@ DMeisterJ

i reckon you should leave a comment on the NPD thread challenging them to go a whole NPD without any trolling at all:p

although having said that i cant find the NPD thread on GAF? an any1 else see it?

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dolemit3 said:
SCEA said:
The PS3 will be successful :)

The post NPD propaganda is already in full swing.

Propoganda? Why I would never..... lol


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Speaking of numbers, are we getting Softs for JP/Others yet? I know America's will be later, but I don't recall 'others' ever waiting til friday. x_x

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with gaf down can i suggest a tactical adjudstment to look at gamespot and N4G instead. i find N4G especially stupid and there hillarious ( althoughth they do have a tendancy to go so far that it just isnt funny)

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Almost time!! I'll be camping the software sale slike mad!

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