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Level 80


Blood elf

The Forgotten Coast

Level 80 BE DK as well.  Don't like the DK quite as much as a paladin though.  Either way i'm kinda burned out of wow for a couple weeks here.  Been raiding too much lately.

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level 80
Undead Holy priest
Genjuros (EU)

Working on naxx and the other raid instances atm

2/5 t7

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All I can say is that I love the commercials.. Especially Mr. T and his Knight Elf Mohawk. Then there's ozzy and him saying he's the real prince of darkness.

BTW: be careful who you talk to on there. If they seem to know too much.. They could possibly be messed up in the head. Like that dude in my class *shudders* boy he's annoying.

Warcraft this, paladin that, awesome mount! that. so on and so forth.

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Alright time to revive this thread in honor of 3.0.8!

When's ulduar coming out? I already have a best-in-slot bear tank outfit, almost best-in-slot cat outfit. A few best in slot pieces for resto and moonkin as well. I'm dying to get my hands on dual specs. I'd be able to dps/tank/heal without respeccing once and on the level of any other class out there.

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You guy's are all asses :/ I lost interest in wow when I hit level 68 with my

Prot pally!
Blood Elf Female
Mining/Engineering I needed my roflcopter and tankatronix :D

Some of my gear is amazing for the level, some of it's just average crap you can pick up :P I was a beast in parties!

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I should sell my inactive account, have a 70 hunter, 70 warrior, and some other alts.... I think a friend wanted to buy it for $50.

I'm at nearly 200 days of /played on my 1 char. I'm too attached to sell him, even when I quit for a year the thought never even crossed my mind.

Tag(thx fkusumot) - "Yet again I completely fail to see your point..."

HD vs Wii, PC vs HD:

Why Regenerating Health is a crap game mechanic:

gamrReview's broken review scores:


Any thoughts on prospective changes in the upcoming patch 3.1.0?

Priest, Rogue and Shaman

Warlock, Druid and Warrior

Hunter, Paladin, Death Knight and Mage

I'm excited for my priest. Allowing to cast Pennance on myself will be great as will a party-shield. My hunter, on the other hand, doesn't have much to rejoice about. I'm still bitter about the nerf to Beast Mastery, although I am enjoying Survival.

Human (Alliance)

Yeah, I started playing a couple of days ago, hardly played it at all, thus far.

Level: 80
Race: Tauren
Class: Hunter
Realm: Gurubashi

Been playing for almost 2 years and still loving it. I only have 1 character, and I prefer it that way.