Forums - General Discussion - what images on google/yahoo appear when you search your username?

This is the 4th image that shows up on the google images (with or withour safe search):

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Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!


I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it." width="128" height="108">" width="123" height="94">" width="109" height="124">

And the often fitting towards my posts..." width="124" height="99">

And then EVERY members avatar. (hooray)




this is actually the third from left to right but i like it xD


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Seems like I win:

Apparently some 38 year old Drummer has my same alias as well (I had it first fucker!).

So Aside from VG Chartz stuff, I have a bunch of random guitars and metal chicks (Not the robot type), and whatever images gets taken from Myspace when he posts.

See Ya George.

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At least following a comedians own jokes makes his death easier.

My avatar and my friends and pictures I posted.

Falcon095 said:



Tremble said:
Seems like I win:



but i actually saw this pic today before i saw it here lol