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Forums - Sales Discussion - MEDIA CREATE HARDWARE 19 feb to 25 feb

DSL 136,128 PSP 100,210 Wii 78,506 PS3 19,315 PS2 15,054 Xbox360 4,183 GBASP 1,035 GBM 907 GC 323 DS 132 GBA 59 source :". sry don`t know how to make links here.



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i thought people that you were expecting the media create sales. i was wrong all the time.



here i have the japanese lifetime to date sales of al nex gen consoles(these are media create numbers only, not ones) DSL: 8,799,886 DSP: 6,583,204 DSL DSP:15,383,090 PSP: 4,969,963 WII: 1,665,245 PS3: 676,283 360: 326,713 DSL: DS lite DSP: DS Phat(LOL) PSP: Playstation Portable WII: Wii (duhh.) PS3: Playstation 3 360:Xbox 360



nobody cares. what a waste of bandwith is this thread, isn`t it?



The media create sales are very similar to what is posted in the weekly Japanese data. Although I had been under the impression that Media Create was the source for Japanese data...but going through seems to be off. Perhaps Famitsu is being used, or the chart is still provisional...

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Well Wii have know outsells PS3 by 1 million....