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if you follow this link u will see for yourselves

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High Fidelity.Forever!

I think this post is under-viewed...

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I fly this flag in victory!

Hilarious. Also it won't get many views if you post on it only at night.

Hey I just found it. I never saw this before.

PSN ID: Kwaad

I fly this flag in victory!

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This is Fun, Yo.

What chances of us mortals have if a god can't even handle the wiimote? ;)

Nobody is crazy enough to accuse me of being sane.

lol this post is funny. u know wat'll be crazy if devil may cry was on wii, u get to use 3 controllers one for your sword and the other two for ur guns, ebony and ivory.

lol, and I love how he's only playing Bowling.

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