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Forums - Sales Discussion - Febuary Prediction: When can we start predicting?

Just a question if anyone can answer it. We will only have 14-17 days to make predictions for Febuary - When will the admins put it up? What games are being considered? Also, will the NPD reporting timeframe include Crackdown? That's a fairly large game to predict, and I didn't know if it was going to be on the list.

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If NPD data is 4 weeks,and it started on the 3rd because of the 5 week January... That would mean predictions could be issued as late as March 14 for the data on the 15th...

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But when will the administrators actually allow us to input our predictions? I'm getting antsy - with all the delays that January had, I figured that they'd put February up rather quickly, and now it's been atleast 10 days - We've done every single J-predict in the same timeframe between the opening of January and February (when it comes out)

Back from the dead, I'm afraid.