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Forums - Sales Discussion - SONY and FF13 conquers UK

washimul said: In the entire lifetime RESISTANCE would ofcourse exceed 200k in JAPAN.
Probably not ... Only popular games have the luxury of staying on store shelves long enough to see long term sales ... Resistence didn't even make the weekly charts on February 18th and the week of February 11th it charted at #61 with total sales of 114,250 ... At this point in time stores will probably stop ordering new copies of Resistence and will discount it until they no longer have it in stock; this will lead to total sales of (roughly) 125,000 units

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washimul said: Elendil said: washimul said: i feel sorry for CAPCOM who lost millions on teh JAP version of LOST planet and also SAGAGUCHI who is bankrupt now due to the massive flop of BLUE DRAGON Don't be sorry for Capcom, Lost Planet already sold more than 2 millions worldwide. LP hasnt barely crossed 1 m JAPAN it is a massive flop with just 50k copies. In Europe it has died now due to the ps3 effect. In order to be profitable CAPCOM needs to sell in all territorities...........In JAPAN they lost over 18 million dollars
Lost Planet is at #13 in UK in it's 7th week: So I don't think it's dead at all