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I think Heavy Rain will change how we play games in the future and IMO is an EXCELLENT exclusive title to hit the Playstation 3 in 2009!!!

In this demo, the player takes the role of a young journalist who is investigating on several girls' disappearances, she goes to a house of taxidermist who is suspected of killing these women. In this presentation, the Producer of the game (David Cage) shows 2 different ways to finish this demo, there are lots of different ways to get through the story.


- Multiple view camera system, not always behind the girl.

-The demo is fully playable, no cut-scenes, the player can control the girl at any time.

- The Sixaxis motion sensor is used in the game to make different moves (open a window, raise or hit an object, etc.).

- It is possible to hear what is happening in the mind of the character, so the player knows the different choices that are available.

- No loadings in the game!

- Backgrounds are fully interactive (all objects can be used, all doors can be opened, etc.).

- Very interesting Split Screen System to keep an eye on the murderer, control the character at the same time.

- The player has to maintain several buttons to stay hidden, uncomfortable situation for the player to reproduce the same stress in the game.

- Quick time events for some action scenes.

As I have previously stated, this IS my most anticipated game this generation, and an excellent exclusive coming to the PS3 in 2009!!!


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very late

Hey, I didn't see that this was posted already, my bad, my bad!!!


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CGI-Quality said:
Hey, I didn't see that this was posted already, my bad, my bad!!!


it was posted but I still haven't watched the video

it took me forever to load the first minute

tell me about the gameplay, do u just press the buttons that appear on the screen?

wtf is this coming out

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