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"The copy protection police have struck again. The new HD Netflix streaming service on the Xbox 360 requires an HDCP compatible display device. If you try play a movie while not connected to an HDCP compatible display, you will get the “Secure HDCP Link Not Found” error.

For all the people that have a non-HDCP LCD monitors hooked up via DVI to their Xbox 360, you are SOL. What is not clear is whether your resolution be limited to 480p if you have an older Xbox 360 with only component outputs.

This situation kind of mirrors the DVD upscaling issue with the Xbox 360, with the work around being use the VGA adapter in order to get DVD upscaling via analog outputs."



This will only affect people using component by the looks of things, VGA will be fine as will HDMI. It's still pretty crappy of them to plonk this on us. Well not me as I live in the UK and won't be treated to Netflix Lovelyness....

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hmmm it shouldn't work that way the entire interest of staying on component is that it goes around that issue.... what you said is right.... if you are using HDMI and the chain contains a non compliant unit... then you have a problem... through component theorically they have no way of knowing..... but maybe they want to force you to use HDMI that's another story.... but i doubt it.... that would mean you have to have a newer XBox to use that option....

This only affects HDMI, component works fine.

Mister is correct.

And one should note: This wasn't Microsoft's choice in the matter. All HD content is required to abide by such a law of requiring HDCP to prevent piracy. A lot of forumgoers on that website, as well as others, are deriding Microsoft for something they have no control of. It'd be like attacking Microsoft for a video game having SecuROM in it.

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According to the engadget article posted in another thread the only people affected will be the ones using an HDMI -> DVI adapter. HDMI, Component, and VGA cables hookups will all work fine.

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Anyone affected can just use a HDCP stripper anyway, so not too much of a problem.