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"As well as the keyboard, the T-Mobile G1 has a trackball for more precise, one-handed navigation and also includes a 3-megapixel camera.

The T-Mobile G1 will be available for free on price plans from £40 a month, which will include unlimited mobile internet browsing."



I read in the newspaper that it will be released with a £108 price point (pay as you go ) that's not high enough to make a profit !.

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You mean Iphone right?? but no.. nothing is an Ipod or Iphone killer.. nobody in the world has the marketing like Apple.. they are the masters in marketing.. they have the ability to make something really hip and desirable.. this product may technically be better, but it just doesn't have the Apple marketing...


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btw Zune run circles around iPod. iPod is just more mainstream and won the market.


Too many things wrong with this.

First, T-Mob's pretty crappy 3G network. Second, the open-ness of it means that it's very daunting to get new apps and whatnot through the store. It looks like a cluster-fuck. The phone doesn't have a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The touch-screen isn't multi-touch, and it looks cheap. It doesn't have exchange support, and only supports push G Mail. No way to be an iPhone killer.

I don't think that this specific phone will do much to the iphone (not that the iphone is the leading smart phone yet anyway), but android itself could possibly make a dent as soon as other people start making phones using it.

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[Popular product] and killer shouldn't be in the same sentence.

Was the iPhone that great anyway? I mean there were many mixed views of it, especially the first one, certainly with regards to the music and camera phones the iPhone doesn't stack up, Nokia and SE lead in those parts of the market.

Also, any phone that only releases on one network is never going to win the market is it?

With regards to that phone, I agree with DMeisterJ it doesn't look that great however I am always annoyed that people fall for Apple marketing and not the actual product, means they can chage ridiculous prices! :(

Plus the Xperia is what a smart phone should look like!

Spec for those who are interested:

Screen: 800 X 480

HSDPA/3G/Wi-Fi internet

3.2 MP camera

400 MB internal memory

MicroSD support

Radio and Video calling

Seems like it uses a Microsoft OS


And it has a 3.5mm headphone jack:p

Simplicity is what made Ipod a hit.