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Forums - Website Topics - N64, PS hardware numbers are gone. vgcharts on the decline?

I'm concerned with the recent decline of the US database. Lot's of GBA software data for 2007 and 2006 has been missing, and now it seems that all hardware data from before the 6th generation (PS2/Xbox/GC) is gone? I'm pretty sure that vgcharts had lots of numbers on N64, PS, Saturn, SNES, NES, Genesis... hardware sales, but nothing to be found right now. Is this stuff coming back? Was the old data wrong? Is the database corrupted? Legal problems? What's going on?

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Woah, slow down! Not to fear. Here's an update for anyone who is concerned. We have spend the last week or two going back and recalculating all the data. Now when you have over 4,000 games in the database it takes a while so we have started with the newest and worked back. Wii / PS3 / 360 / DS / PSP / GC / XB stuff is all bang up to date and complete (as complete as it will ever be). The totals are representitive and all data should be there (apart from some bundles which are still to be added). PS2 data is 90% complete - just the software from the first 12 months to be added once it has all be calculated.

GBA data is very patchy - no Dec / Jan numbers and data from before then has lots of gaps - don't use it yet. N64 / DC software is complete and up to date, PS / SNES / GEN / SAT / NES software has lots of gaps so again don't use it as yet - just as a very very rough guide to how the bigger games sold. All the hardware available is current, accurate and complete. We decided not to remove the existing software from PS / SNES / GEN etc as it is at least in the right ballpark at the moment if full of holes. No GB data is yet available, same with GG - these are also to be added. So the plan of action for us is: 1) Add the remaining PS2 data (sw) 2) Do all the GBA data (sw) from scratch (both maybe by tonight if all goes well?) 3) PS data - hw and sw, N64 hw. 4) SAT data - hw and sw 5) SNES / GEN hw and sw - likely to be another week or so yet - a lot to do 6) GB / NES / GG hw and sw - massive job, will be a long term project ! Please be patient whilst we work on this! I will post updates here so you know what is current and what is not

That's good to hear. :) Good luck with it then! Love your website. One thing for later: could you explain the colour codes at the bottom of the pages? I mean those for "new release" or "sold x units". The system colours are obvious. And maybe find some way to signal which summary data is close to complete and which is not, something subtle like italics of whatever.

Hardcore gaming is a bubble economy blown up by Microsoft's $7 $6 billion losses.