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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo confirm their 2007 offerings

shams said: There is a 100% chance that Metroid will launch this year - absolutely guaranteed.
Here's a link to a story about Metroid's uncertainty: Nintendo President Dodges Question about Metroid release date Finishes by saying: "...we shouldn't be too surprised if we heard it's due for early 2008." Nintendo knows that this is the game that has to prove Wii is the ideal FPS system, so it has to be perfect, plus I personally think there going to try and beef up their online support with this title. Both elements could have set the title back a bit. I was just reading an old interview and it mentions an interesting point, one of the reasons why Mario and Metroid were originally slated for early 2007 were to prove Nintendo would have a steady stream of games launched early in the Wii's life. That was before there hit launch, and many 3rd parites pledged new support. With big sales they no longer had to rush these games to the market, they could tweak them to perfection and use the them too boost new horizons for their system down the road. In turn they must have used titles like Super Paper Mario to fill the void.

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Hold on now, where does it say 2008? I've seen the news on several sites, but 2008 is NEVER mentioned in anything I've read...

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That article doesn't say Nintendo says 2008, just to not be surprised if it ends up releasing in 2008. The fact that we're in 2007 and they're reluctant to even give window for this game is a sign that we may not see it this year. He basically says when it's ready it's ready and only then we're going to release it. That to me is Nintendo bracing us for a 2008 date. Nonetheless that's my conclusion, it may very well release this year. But with Smash Bros. Mario Galaxy, and few others slated for pre-christmas I don't think they're in a rush either.(if that's their plan anyway for all Iknow one of these might get pushed.)

IGN released an article today linking to this they appear to agree with it. It says they're still waiting for Nintendo's word though. Perhaps Nintendo will respond soon with an official list, who knows.

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