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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Nintendo confirm their 2007 offerings

Animal Crossing for Wii... this year! Wow, I can't wait. So many great games to look forward to.

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Is this for real? Can anyone else find any info on this?

This is clearly a bad list, there has been alot of talk about Project HAMMER, Day of Crisis, and Metroid getting pushed to next year, there is no way they would have confirmed all three of them already. Secondly the list doesn't have Paper Mario or Fire Emblem and they have already been confirmed and are on the brink of release, not to mention Mario Galaxy. Thirdly, there are new titles missing, it's been mentioned on a few sites that Nintendo has at least 1 big franchise revival coming to the Wii, and we all know Nintendo keeps at least 3 titles to it itself, so it seems this list at the very least is majorly incomplete.

I also believe that it is missing big brain academy. If that was the real list then nintendo will do good this year.

Well I don't know how valid this is...but I can see most of this happening this year. Disaster is iffy, I can see Nintendo delaying it...if this was an official announcement somehow, Nintendo could still delay this and HAMMER later on...happens to a lot of games. I'm positive Metroid will come out this year. It was supposed to be a launch title when the Wii was announced, and it's fine that they delayed it to make it better. Nintendo needs a good first party FPS. But I've seen a Wii commercial on TV 3 times in the past 2 days, where they show the two Wii guys playing Red Steel, Zelda, and Metroid Prime 3. I realize this doesn't mean much, but why would they advertise the game so much if it's coming out next year? I'm sure this list is incomplete, but it seems plausible for all these games to come out this year...if Nintendo picks up the pace. I can see Mario getting delayed, but I bet they'll push for a holiday release.

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There is a 100% chance that Metroid will launch this year - absolutely guaranteed. Just a question of timing, maybe around the middle of the year. Fingers crossed it will be polished as hell... List looks good to me - lets not forget Pokemon, and other games not yet released in the US yet.

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This could be a real list. If you look at the site it states it is for Japan. Not NA or EU. So, when we hear things like disaster getting pushed back that is coming from Nintendo of America referring to a NA release, not Japan releases.

I hope Metroid prime goes in a radically different direction from MP and MP2. I liked the first Metroid, however by the second game I just felt that it wasn't as good an adventure game as Zelda and not as good a shooter as say Halo. Too many of the enemies were simply unintelligent life forms that just walk around radomly. That is fine for the overworld where you want to explore, and it gives you the sense that you are part of a true ecosystem. I think the game needs a massive increase in enemy AI and more fortresses that are heavily defended. More of the same will see the game released with a yawn and mediocre sales. I have high expectations for Mario Galaxy and I hope they delay the game until it is absolutely perfect. There hasn't been a truly great platformer since Banjo Kazooie.

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that link u have is in german and is from another forum i really dont no if this is correct i did however see somthing on the official nintendo web site about price of persia sonic medal of honor pga and ssx in the next few weeks for the wii

shams said: There is a 100% chance that Metroid will launch this year - absolutely guaranteed.
Here's a link to a story about Metroid's uncertainty: Nintendo President Dodges Question about Metroid release date Finishes by saying: "...we shouldn't be too surprised if we heard it's due for early 2008." Nintendo knows that this is the game that has to prove Wii is the ideal FPS system, so it has to be perfect, plus I personally think there going to try and beef up their online support with this title. Both elements could have set the title back a bit. I was just reading an old interview and it mentions an interesting point, one of the reasons why Mario and Metroid were originally slated for early 2007 were to prove Nintendo would have a steady stream of games launched early in the Wii's life. That was before there hit launch, and many 3rd parites pledged new support. With big sales they no longer had to rush these games to the market, they could tweak them to perfection and use the them too boost new horizons for their system down the road. In turn they must have used titles like Super Paper Mario to fill the void.