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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Gamestop news! New screenshots for StarWars: Force Unleashed ... ... Let's see what everyone says... rofl... I just cant say what it is.

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Hm, I see LucasArts has shifted to making their game N64-exclusive. They also have an interesting choice for boxart. Well, I guess that's along par with George Lucas' other recent decisions...


Their almost like IGN

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Finally, a game that fully realizes the magic of the movies, like that scene where you take your hot rod across the finish line to be met with a checkered flag waving, metal bikini clad Princess Leia!

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Awesome, I always liked that game. I just never realized it was PS3 compatible and Star Wars themed. Those screen shots really prove the PS3 visual abilities. The person who put that site up needs to be reprimanded.

looks pretty good wonder if there will ever be a wii star wars game that would be awsome swinging me wii mot around like a jedia

not sure if i'm missing something...where's the screenshots? was it a fake link before?

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