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Forums - Gaming Discussion - The battle of the Holiday Season: '07

All I want is Wii games. The only PS3 exclusives I like are FF. Just as DQ returned to the big N so shall FF. As for 360, if there is a game I just have to play, I will steal my bros for a few nights. So, Super Paper Mario, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Sadness, DQ swords, FF CC, Resident Evil, Sonic, tiger woods, transformers(rent first), line rider(if more content that web version), manhunt 2, Super Smash Bros, and a lot of VC games.

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Here is why I say PS3 or 360. True full CG style anime graphics though game. Only tales of Symphonia managed to come near that, because of the GC's lovely cell shader. Second. If you 'kinda' liked Symphonia. and thought it was average RPG. keep away from tales. It was the best tales ever. Vanguardian1, If you LIKE tales. Buy Tales of the Abyss. I have almost 25 hours in the game, and there's alot more to go. Great story. Great characters. They evolve though the game. Third. pointer menu navagition. If the pointer was more accurate... Yes. Pointer target your oponet. Why? I can push a button 3 times on my PS2 and have anything targeted. I have only heard of something that would make the game a pain in the ass. That is why I wouldnt buy one for the Wii... HOWEVER - it would likely follow the Wii-Classic controller use, wich wouldnt be bad. EDIT: rember. Half the tales games dont make it to america.

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I personally can't wait for Mass Effect, and Alan Wake for the X360(not too mention Burnout 5, and Fable 2). Wii wise, it's all about Super Smash bros(and everything else that was mentioned except for what I hope is a sleeper hit much like it's predecesor for the GC and that would be Godzilla(. I'm also dying to get more active sports titles(baseball, and tennis) Fight Night and Brunswick Bowling are coming and that sounds great but I really want to swing bat so for now 2k Sports Baseball on the X360 will have to do. About Nintendo's secret titles, I'm sure we'll be hearing something soon. IGN has several times alluded to their being more then one classic franchise revivals I'm excited to see what they are. (Can you say Kid Icirus?)

i belive that by the start of the new year the wii will surpass the 360 this might be goin out on a limb but any thing can happen i cant wait for super samsh brawl, halo 3, mario party and any thing decent for the ps3

I think the Wii is most likely to hold the top position end of 2007. No big surprise, given my general opinions on the matter, but it has more potential to host creative games that will bring more people into gaming. We've mostly been using variants on the gamepad interface since it arrived on the NES, and joysticks for far longer. Sure, there's the occasional one-off interface like the dance pad, drum controllers and guitar attachment, but the remote/nunchuk combination has the potential to allow for a wider array of interfaces that simply didn't exist before. It's these interfaces that will grow the market, and increase the Wii's market share beyond the typical gamers.