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Forums - General Discussion - Favorite system ever? (Rate the one above)

7/10 - If you take out ports and Nintendo's 1st party titles, there are no (or very very few) AAA titles on the console. It collects dust between Ninty AAA releases and the occasional decent third party effort.

Oldschool fat gameboy

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Needs more colours


My favorite is the SNES

As for Untouch's favorite, the SNES (also), I rate it 9.5/10

The SNES had the best fighting games, RPGs, and platformers. Growing up, those and racers were my favorite type of games. The SNES had everything I wanted (except I used Sega for racing, usually).


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SNES was pure epicness! 10/10

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You could actually see the disc reader... That was just begging to stop accepting discs...