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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - 1080p on the Wii!!!


All you need is a Sony's STRDA5200ES ES 7.1 Channel Surround Sound A/V Receiver and a HDTV set.  There's a downside to this... price tag $1,499.99*

Damn you sony!!!!!!!




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Your games aren't real 1080p

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ckmlb said:
Your games aren't real 1080p

No need to say it like that. "Your games"? That's just little condiscending and demeaning. I know my words aren't always nicest but this is still harsh.

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Oh...I thought this was the old thread, and I thought something was wrong with the site, because it wouldn't load the rest of this thread haha.

Locked, sorry. There's an identical thread somewhere else. Welcome to the forums anyway, Joemanji.

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ckmlb said:
Your games aren't real 1080p


Hey I know, same issue with upscaling DVD's but you've got to admit, Zelda TP looks very sharp on those pics. The Wii was designed with an analog TV in mind. Analog images actually look worse on a HDTV set. But atleast I have 480p enabled now