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Why do I love this game so much? I've done everything in this game!

And yes, after completing the Story mode once on Very Hard, I redid all the GP in cockpit view, and after doing that, I redid all the Story mode on Very Hard in cockpit view! The escape mission with Jody is eval!!! D:

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That's the one I never completed... I think the best I managed was still 1-2 second behind the ghost

I got used playing racing games from cockpit view that I'm actually bad from another outside camera XP

The sense of Speed from cockpit view in this game is total awesomeness

TWRoO said:
I did that occasionally.... there are tracks that seem even faster than the canyon run though.

Canyon run is one of the best bits, epsecially on Very Hard mode.

I too never complated the story mode, it's f-ing hard.... I couldn't do the last track against the ghost car.

I managed Hard up to the Grand Prix though, and Very Hard I did the first 3 storys I think.

What? The final mission of the story mode was the easiest of all. A simple time trial, nothing more.

The hardest mission by far was chapter 7.

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I believe I completed Story Mode, but I was never able to unlock any of the AX racers.

I've never really been a fan of cockpit view mode, even on games like Lylat Wars.