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Forums - Gaming Discussion - IGN give Wii Play a 5.5 !!

I imagine some of the criticism is accurate, I'm one of those that's just in it for the fun. I don't have the time to go for hours with games as I did when I was younger, although I do seem to be spending plenty of time going over message boards as of late. That too will probably pass.

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Since when has anyone except 12 year olds actually cared about what IGN has to say?

Leo-j said: If a dvd for a pc game holds what? Crysis at 3000p or something, why in the world cant a blu-ray disc do the same?

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I actually think that score is completely wrong. Ive had Wii Play for 2 months - and whereas it rarely gets played (compared to Wii Sports, Zelda, etc...) it is a lot of fun, and *easily* worth the $10 it effectively costs (1-2 VC games for us Aussies). It also, has almost sold a million in Japan (800k units)... (note that the UK & AU WiiPlay scores are higher in IGN). I'll say its a 7/10 - 8/10 score (taking into account the cost, etc...). But then, I'll give Wii Sports a 9.0/10 (assuming it *wasn't* a free title...). Its obviously a tech demo as well - each game introduces a "new" way of using the Wiimote (and more advanced use from the previous game). Clearly designed to be the first thing people played on the Wii. It is a bit redundant now, that everyone has already played Rayman & WarioWare (WiiPlay *really* should have come out at launch - no idea why it didn't... it did here). (Actually - my theory is that it was *going* to be the free title with the Wii - but they decided against it, and made that Wii Sports instead - a wise move. And then they had this simple game/tech demo that they couldn't sell on its own... so they bundled it with a controller instead).

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it's all a matter of opinion if i were to rate nba2007 on ps3, i'd give it a 4 as opposed to others giving it a higher score. yes, nice graphics but controls are so freaking confusing that it makes gaming difficult. games are supposed to be mindless and fun, not cause of fustration. it all depends who is rating the game and what kind of games they like. anwaysy, for 10 bucks, it's well worth it. and makes it easy to get a wii remote too since remotes and wii play are hard to find items.

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I still want it. I will get it because I don't have a wii yet and will need 4 controllers anyways. The tank game looks fun. Though IGN is usually pretty good with ratings.