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Hello everyone.

I have a question :

I hear everywhere that XBOX 360 owners buy a lot of games . "Small hardware but very high softwares" " XBOX 360 owners are gamers: they buy more games than PS3 owners or Wii owners".

At the Microsoft's conference, I saw it about software :


But, seeing vgchartz, we can see that it's not the cas : 140 mil. (Wii) + 60 mil. (PS3) >>>> 131 mil. (360)

I work in a videogame shop in France and I sell more 360 games that PS3 games or Wii Games. ( I know my shop doesn't represent the world but it's an example ! lol )

So, is vgchartz undertracking the 360 software ??

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No answer ?

No its overtracking. Fact.....

They were saying since day one. Including the year head start. Probably not including pack-ins... but...

He's talking about hardware in the US only.

Claim 4: According to Don Mattrick, the Xbox 360 is "outselling the Wii and the PS3 combined."

True, but...context is important. Mattrick is citing the fact that Xbox 360, as of May Xbox 360 has sold 10.27 million units in the United States. While Wii has sold 10.20 million units (not 8.8 million) in the USA through May. That covers the entire lifetime of the console, whole numbers. Xbox 360 of course was released before the Wii and well before the PS3, and so has a head start in whole-number sales and install base. The top selling console since its introduction is undoubtedly the Wii.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.