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ok this may not be very big news but i thought it was just interesting to post, on a dutch game website ( there is poll about which concole you would buy if they were al priced at 250 euro (just change it to dollar, if you want to). the intresting part about this is the wii would still sell the most, above the ps3 who would be 350 euro cheaper. although it would sell considerbly better than it is now (percentage wise). 


Stel dat elke console 250 euro kost. Wat koop je?
Wii: innovatief & Nintendo games. 32,9% (1488)
PS3: Blu-Ray & graphics 28,2% (1276)
Xbox 360: Live & graphics. 24,4% (1105)
Geen: ik blijf PC gamer. 8,3% (377)
Allemaal, ik ben een échte gamer. 6,2% (280)




What if every console had a price of 250 euro, what would you buy?


Wii: innovative and nintendo games

PS3: Blu-ray and Graphics

Xbox 360 : Live and Graphics

None: i will stay with the pc

All of them im a die hard gamer. 


this is not meant as a troll or anything and i would like to see this poll on bigger websites, should be interesting. before i got to mention it is surely not pro nintendo.

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I'm betting the majority of those people already had their console of choice and voted for their console of choice just because they could.

Assuming I didn't have any of the systems, I would probably go with the 360 with the Wii a very very second just because it has the games. Though I suppose if I didn't have Wii I would be dieing to play all the game I have even though there are fewer so I probably would end up voting for the Wii. By the end of the year though it would definitely be the Wii because the 360 would have only one more titles added added to its roster I want (Mass Effect) and the Wii would have three (SSBB, Metroid, SMG).

WII was at first at 40% and dropped really fast. PS3 fans we're probably all fast asleep :P I've choosen for the WII, I wouldn't buy a PS3 for numbers of reasons even if it was 250 Euro, because price isn't really that important to me, considering saving up money is a very good option for buying expensive stuff. PS3 is in all kinds of ways just "too much" for me.

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I voted PS3 becouse it was the only I dont have yet maybe i should have voted all though.

"Is all would cost 250€" is a very silly thing to say. If it cost 250€ to make a console with PS3-level graphics and a Blu-ray drive, then you can bet your uncles the Wii would have them too. Alas more horsepower costs more money, and things are as they are.

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These are ginormous "ifs", but ok... 

Boy, if the PS3 was indeed 250$ I'd certainly pick one up.

I'd also pick up an 360 for that price.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't still buy a Wii, though!

@ Parokki its not about the production costs is it? i just wanted to point out that a lot of people first choise would still be the wii while you (as a consumer)  could have the ps3 at the same price.