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Those are the "future numbers" for ps3.


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wow ps3 sales are amazing lol.

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I'd heard that the PS3 was big on Jupiter, but I had no idea that the Jovian market had expanded so much.

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Oh. I was thinking that I just dreamed about buying a few hundred mill ps3's. I guess I better get back to work to pay off that debt now. X_x

I think the PS3 is undertracked, it should be at least 400mil. I'll wait for NPD.

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It's against Wikipedia's rules to add something that is self published, so they won't accept vgchartz regardless if it was highly accurate or not.

"A self-published source is material that has been published by the author, or whose publisher is a vanity press, a web-hosting service, or other organization that provides little or no editorial oversight. Personal websites and messages either on USENET or on Internet bulletin boards are considered self-published. With self-published sources, no one stands between the author and publication; the material may not be subject to any form of fact-checking, legal scrutiny, or peer review. Anyone can create a website or pay to have a book published and then claim to be an expert in a certain field; visiting a stranger's personal website is often the online equivalent of reading an unattributed flyer on a lamp post. For that reason, self-published material is largely unacceptable."

what? where? when? how?

looks like someone already revised the values!! damn was too late to the party

Someone wants 1 of my 3 million Ps3s?

numbers here are upadted for a week, and Sony seels over 300 million PS3's, HOT DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blu-Ray being mainstream confirmed