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what the hell is goin' on here ? rumours ! see we are about three days left to enjoy one of the biggest event in video gaming world so please be patient and I'm sure everyone every fans will have the games, the trailers, the infos he's lookin for..

..and Diablo III is a PC game whatever happen I'll never enjoy playin' this game on consoles and I pray the PC Boxart will show the Arch-angel Tyrael and for GOD's SAKE a PALADIN class artworks pleaaaase Blizzard.

@OP: God, let's hope not, Diablo type games on consoles are never any good imo.

i hope it's PC only. And it probably is because blizzard wants money and only put their games on the superior platform ;).

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I played the original Diablo on the PS1 first!

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I could care less what activision does with Diablo 3 after it is released on PC. If they want to work a way for it to be on ps3 or 360, you guys have fun with a shitty port.

I don't know why anyone would be happy for it to be on them, you would be playing a game that is 5% of its original glory.

And plus your all wrong. Diablo 3 is a new pog game.

Diablo 3 will be multiplatform: Pippin, Dreamcast and Gamecube.

when i said it was confirmed I ment the game was coming I didn't say for what console or computer.

tmbh said:
I played the original Diablo on the PS1 first!

I hope you went back and played it on a PC like it was meant to be played.  I can't fathom why anyone would actually want to play Diablo on a console.  The control scheme would be horrible.

I think the chances of it coming out on a console are probably not good, no matter what the rumors are saying.  They'd have to have a second version of for console since you know that those console sissies wouldn't want to play with PC players =).

Diablo really needs a mouse, more so than even FPS's.  It just wouldn't be the same with a gamepad.


I am pretty sure it was confirmed to be psppc exclusive of the year.

on a serious note though.. there have been rumors of both hd consoles but blizzard said it could happen although their first priority is the pcmac versions. So if it happens it'll be because blizzard think they can make it perfect. (atleast thats what they said)

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