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Where does the European data come from? I'll admit I have never looked for it, but as far I know, it would take like 6 tracking firms just to get it.

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Yeah, from all the relevant sources

Cool, only the LTD is missing.. Are you getting software numbers too? :)

btw: How can Mario Hoops 3 on 3 have sold 140k in Europe, when it isn't even released here?

Those are shipped figures and not just for europe but Asia etc as well - the game has just come out in Europe. As far as the "Europe" yearly chart is concerned, you get the yearly sales and you can also sort by console to get their totals. Am just about to add running LTDs as well

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*bump* So why is Mario Hoops 3 on 3's "Other" figure now down to 120k? I'm getting more and more sceptical about this site...

Here in Spain the PSP has sold more than half a million this year...Sony announced 600K sold (not shipped ,but sold ) in june and end december they announced 1 million sold ....your data seems erroneous .

diomedes: here in argentina sony sold less than 5k psp units lol. and 500k ps2 LTD , but the problem are the prices and the piracy. i don´t have nintendo numbers because nintendo doesn´t has an oficial distributor here. we have to import them :(