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I just read that they just released an update that allowed 50 players on all maps.  Has anyone played this game?

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I refuse to play it. It may, in fact, be a fun game, but my Creative Writing and Game Narrative professor worked on it, and he was a dick, so I refuse.

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i dont know why but i love this game... the mini choppers/jumping out of choppers before they are hit,parachuting down/kewl smoke effects..oh yeah 50 player and the new map are sweet


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^ hmm, if found in a bargain bin it might be worth picking up.

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Played it...

Beat it...

game is a solid B+ (76/100)

Didn't try 50 player online. Will try tonight...

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if only it was a decent game

I'm back...

Havent tried it but heard many good things about the Multiplayer. I dunno which game to pick up this year as COD4 is still my FPS of choice.

The game is good, but I couldn't get into the demo, it's one of those games you need to play non-stop for a while until you like it i'm guessing.

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