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Forums - Website Topics - INFURIATING Adverts

The reason I use advert isn't because of random little adds that advertise Everest College or just simple adds, I use it because all the advert companies started using the ones like the Mosquito add and the dating adds that are borderline porn.

When I'm browsing I really don't want hear random sounds and I don't want to see borderline porn (especially if I'm at work or any other public place) and the fact that companies do keep changing the name so you can't stop seeing those adverts and the simple fact they exist is why I use Adblock. If it wasn't for those two type of adds, I would have no problems with adverts, I'll even tolerate popups as long as they aren't excessive, but those ones just cross the lines.

If your site truly is worried about losing the funding because of things like that, make the company listen. I hope it does become an internet wide problem because those adds really are just getting ridiculous.

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Just installed adblock plus like you suggested, and so far it has workerd =)

@twesterm, yeah, I'd agree with that, as some adverts are quite funny, and enjoyable, but some are just annoying. Also, the other ones I hate are those that say 'click here for a free Laptop/Holiday/£1000 etc' and then say in smallprint 'participation required' -because it's unlikely I'll ever bother, and many of them are fakes anyway.

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