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Gameplay Single player mode The game has 38 unique tracks, including four new tracks that were not in the N64 version. The tracks are contained in themed worlds such as Dino Domain, Snowflake Mountain, Sherbet Island, Dragon Forest, and Future Fun Land. Adventure 2 is unlocked by completing Adventure 1, and that doubles the tracks to 76 tracks. Multiplayer mode Once beating a track in Adventure mode, it becomes available for single card multiplayer. Features Some confirmed [2] extra features of the game, not present in the original version, include: * 8-player single-card multiplayer * 8-player multi-card multiplayer * 2-4 player Battle Modes (Single-card/Multi-card/WiFi) * 6-player Wi-Fi play[3] * Touch-screen and microphone compatible * Some characters in newly playable form * Remodelled and retextured tracks * Fully custom-made vehicles * New modes, weapons and challenges * Create your own tracks (TT's Wish Races) Differences between this and the Original * While not specific to this particular game, it should be noted that Tiny Kong's appearance has been changed from her Donkey Kong 64 portrayal. She now appears in this game as a teenager. Diddy, and Dixie, however, are still portrayed in the same manner as always. * The positions of bananas have been replaced by coins. The same goes for Smokey Castle Battle Mode. * The voices have been changed. * The car's tight-corner maneuver has been removed. * The Silver Coin challenges from the original have been replaced with balloon-popping challenges. Instead of using one of the three vehicles, the player rides Taj's magic carpet (which flies on a rail) and pops the balloons with the stylus. By using stylus swipes, you can move the camera to find balloons that are obscured by obstacles. In-Game Features From the start of the game, vehicles can be painted any color, this color is chosen by Red, Green, and Blue slider bars. The chosen color will change the color of the whole vehicle. There are also Performance Upgrades which can be purchased with coins. They change the vehicles Bodywork and more are unlocked as the player progresses through the game. Tracks Difference Some tracks are different from the original slightly. Dino Domain * Ancient Lake Sherbet Island * Whale Bay Difference(BGM) And BGMs of some tracks are different from the original. Dino Domain * Jungle Falls (BGM is the same as Fossil Canyon) Snowflake Mountain * Snowball Valley (BGM is the same as Walrus Cove) Sherbet Island * Treasure Caves (BGM is the same as Crescent Island) New tracks * Thunder Cove * Meandering Mount * Splashdown Pass * Strangled Shrine

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I'd just like to know how well it preserves the original experience. I loved DKR64, and I hope DKRDS will be just as fun (maybe even more fun). Strangely enough, it was this game on the 64 that made me look at my gameboy and say, "God I wish i could play this on you."

Things and stuff.

Not as good as the original.