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Forums - Sales Discussion - Update on 360 shipments (Europe @ 3.1M shipped)

The only real update is Europe's shipped amount. I think this makes it pretty darn clear that Europe likely had at best 2.5M units sold as of Dec 31st and perhaps a decent bit less than that. However, it's definitely improved in Europe the past quarter significantly. Dec 31 2006 - 10.4M LTD WW, ?? NA, 3.1M Europe, ?? Elsewhere Dec 31 2006 - 4.4M shipped - ?? NA, 1.4M Europe, ?? Elsewhere (10.4M LTD shipped) Sep 30 2006 - 1M shipped - 300k NA, 400k Europe, 300k Elsewhere (6M LTD shipped) June 30 2006 - 1.8M shipped - 1.5M NA, 200k Europe, 100k Elswhere (5M LTD shipped) March 31 2006 - 1.7M shipped - 900k NA, 600k Europe, 200k elsewhere (3.3M LTD shipped) Dec 31 2005 - 1.5M shipped, 900k NA, 500k Europe, 100k Elsewhere (1.5M LTD shipped)

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Looks like the numbers on this site are about right then...

Source please ? I've seen someone saying 6m NA , 3.1m Europe, 1.3m others @ "due to MS annual report" But i havent any find confirmation yet. So if your 3.1m Europe is true 6m and 1.3m could be true as well.

From the latest MS press release