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Forums - Gaming Discussion - EA says it will develop heavily for Wii

"Last quarter, EA sold $41 million in titles for the PlayStation 3, a highly anticipated gaming console that debuted in November. It sold $29 million in titles for Nintendo Co.'s Wii, and Chairman and CEO Larry Probst emphasized Thursday that EA would increase availability of Wii-friendly games. EA also sold $400 million in titles for the older PlayStation 2 and $172 million in titles for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 last quarter." Wow, i wonder how this is going to go. There were 4 PS3 games and 2 Wii games made by EA last quarter. Cost to dev is not even a facter because all of the games released were multiplatform. has EA announced any exclusives for the Wii?

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SSX Blur is the only EA Wii exclusive so far, they have stated they have several more (3+) wii exclusives in development. I think EA was suprised how well Madden did on Wii in 6 weeks (200k+ units according to VGCharts) and that's comparable numbers to 4 other 3rd party wii titles, which is better than most companies seemed to expect.

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I always chuckle when I hear people whine and moan about how stupid American consumers always buy crummy sequels, and how the Japanese somehow have better taste in games. The fact of the matter is the Japanese market is VERY similar to the states, that is sequels sell regardless of how bad they are. Have you ever seen people lining up in akihabara for the latest crappy Gundam game? Or how about a generic jrpg selling by the hundred of thousands? The fact of the matter is very few Japanese games make the jump to the US, so we don't get to see the flood of crap firsthand. But just because you don't see these titles, or even realize they exist doesn't mean Japan doesn't have plenty of Madden equivalents. Same shit, different country

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EA: We'll Be Top Third-Party For Wii, DS "Looking toward EA's increased support for Nintendo's hardware, the executive added: “On the Nintendo platforms, we think that we can be a very strong number two. Clearly Nintendo will always be number one on the Wii and Nintendo DS, but we think we have a realistic goal of being number two, with a market share goal of 15-20 percent." "The acquisition of Headgate will give us some additional development capacity for the Wii, and we are devoting some additional resources toward Wii and NDS development as well"