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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox 2024 Prediction League

Welcome guys to the Xbox 2024 OpenCritic Prediction League! With the blessing of previous hosts @ice and @Ryuu96 I've decided to host the Xbox League this year in addition to my other ones, the rules are of course the same as the other leagues I host but if you aren't familiar you can read them here below.

The Rules:

  • When you place at least 3 predictions, I will add you to the list of participants which will be written in the same order for each game. I’ll tag all the participants if more games are added later on. You can still throw out 1 or 2 loose predictions without entering, but I won’t write you up in that case.
  • Scores are tallied about a month after release for each game. If the score should change after that it won’t affect the points (since that's very rare anyways).
  • You can change or post a prediction up until the first reviews show up. Make sure to make a new post if you want to change a previous prediction.


Prediction same as actual score 10 points
1-point difference 9 points
2-point difference 8 points
3-point difference 7 points
4-point difference 6 points
5-point difference 5 points
6-point difference 4 points
7-point difference 3 points
8-point difference 2 points
9-point difference 1 point
10-point difference or more 0 points
Closest prediction bonus +2 points

The Leaderboard:

spot reserved a beautiful leaderboard later

The Games:

After the Developer Direct there's a decent number of confirmed Xbox exlusives to look forward to in 2024 though most of them are still missing specific release windows giving us a pretty vague order, but oh well. If I'm missing a notable game let me know about it. Let the predictions begin!

Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2 (May 21)

Score: 82

User Prediction Difference Points
UnderwaterFunktown 86
BonfiresDown 87
DroidKnight 86
Tamak30 89
NobleTeam360 87
Chicho 85
Machina 88
G2ThaUNIT 88
smroadkill15 88
VersusEvil 82
dane007 90

Age of Mythology: Retold (September 4)

User Prediction Difference Points
UnderwaterFunktown 84
BonfiresDown 89
DroidKnight 90
NobleTeam360 84
Chicho 82
Machina 88
G2ThaUNIT 88
smroadkill15 87
VersusEvil 82
dane007 88
LegitHyperbole 75
shikamaru317 85

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl (September 5)

User Prediction Difference Points
UnderwaterFunktown 85
BonfiresDown 84
DroidKnight 88
Tamak30 86
NobleTeam360 90
Chicho 81
Machina 81
G2ThaUNIT 85
smroadkill15 86
VersusEvil 86
dane007 90
shikamaru317 86

Ara History Untold (September 24)

User Prediction Difference Points
UnderwaterFunktown 75
BonfiresDown 81
DroidKnight 88
Tamak30 84
NobleTeam360 83
Chicho 92
Machina 84
G2ThaUNIT 90
smroadkill15 85
VersusEvil 80
dane007 88
shikamaru317 83

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 (November 19)