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Women, children killed in Beit Hanoon attack

Israeli warplanes have bombed a house in northern Gaza’s Beit Hanoon, killing 10 people, including women and children, reports the Wafa news agency.

Others have also been injured in the strike, which took place next to a shelter for displaced people in the city.

Ten Palestinians killed in attack on northern Gaza school

At least 10 people have been killed and 17 injured in separate attacks in northern Gaza’s as-Saftawi neighbourhood, report our colleagues at Al Jazeera Arabic and the Wafa news agency.

The Israeli attack targeted a school sheltering displaced people in the neighbourhood, located just south of Jabalia, according to our colleagues on the ground, citing medical sources.

The Qassam Brigades claims sniper killed Israeli soldier

Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, has claimed one of its snipers killed an Israeli soldier in the northeast of the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza.

In a statement on Telegram, the group also said its fighters targeted two Israeli Merkava 4 tanks with al-Yassin rockets around the Imam Ali Mosque in the east of the camp. One tank was targeted with behind the Abu Zatoun school and another at al-Burai junction in the camp, a statement on Telegram said.


Israel’s military moves closer to Rafah’s Kuwaiti Hospital

We’re only halfway through the day, and we’re seeing a surge in the attacks across the southern part of the Gaza Strip, mainly concentrated in Rafah city.

The military is moving close to Kuwaiti Hospital and has been bombing the surrounding area, including residential buildings across from it. Several people have been injured and transferred to the hospital.

At this point, the situation is quite dire. For the past 17 days, there has been no fuel, medical or water supplies getting to the hospital, pushing it to the brink of collapse. The same exact scenario has played out in every governorate across Gaza since the initial weeks of this war.

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‘Children were playing’ when Jabalia school attacked: witness

Victims of an Israeli attack on a school near Jabalia refugee camp have poured into al-Ahli Hospital, according to footage reviewed by Al Jazeera’s Sanad verification agency.

The attack is now reported to have killed at least 10 people and injured another 17, including children.

“The children were playing in the schoolyard, and suddenly we were bombed,” said one displaced woman whose daughter was injured in the attack. “We lived something unnatural.”

The wounded, including children, are brought to al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City, after the Israeli army attacked the al-Nazla school building, where displaced Palestinians were sheltering in the as-Saftawi neighbourhood, Saturday

Al-Nazla School is an elementary school in as-Saftawi area of northern Gaza near Jabalia where there are hundreds of refugees. A group of Palestinians were filling up gallons of water there when Israeli forces targeted them with air strikes.

Ambulances had a lot of challenges reaching the school because there is a lack of fuel and northern Gaza’s health situation is completely collapsed.

Also, Palestinians were killed in Beit Hanoon when Israeli forces raided a house there. Five of those killed were children.

The wounded, including children, are brought to Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza after the Israeli army attacked the Al-Nazla school building, where displaced Palestinians were sheltering in the Saftawi neighborhood, Saturday

Palestinians wounded in Israeli attack on school treated at Gaza’s al-Ahli Arab Hospital

The wounded, including children, are brought to al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City

The Israeli army attacked the al-Nazla school building in the as-Saftawi neighbourhood, where displaced Palestinians were sheltering, on Saturday

We are getting reports of another Israeli attack in Jabalia, this one hitting a group of civilians in the al-Faluja area.

According to our colleagues on the ground, Israeli air raids struck a group of civilians in the area, killing and injuring people.

Wounded and dead are brought to Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City, Gaza after the Israeli army attacked the Al-Nazla school building, where displaced Palestinians were sheltering in the Saftawi neighborhood, Saturday

Al-Aqsa Hospital fears fuel will again run out

Al-Aqsa Hospital is one of the only hospitals that is fully operating in all of Gaza. They received 15,000 gallons (57,000 litres) of fuel a few days ago, but half the amount has been used.

The fuel that they have right now is only enough for two more days, and then the hospital may again run out of fuel. In Rafah, there is only one operating hospital – the Kuwaiti Hospital – and it has also been calling for fuel.

In total, there’s only three or four hospitals still working in Gaza. All of them are on the verge of collapsing because they lack fuel, they’re packed with injuries and they’re operating at a very low scale.

Palestinians mourn relatives killed in Israeli attack on Gaza City

The health ministry says 46 people were killed and 130 injured in the last 24 hours throughout Gaza

Israel worried ‘time running out’ for captives as it readies for new truce talks: Report

More details are emerging about renewed Gaza ceasefire talks expected to take place next week.

Discussions between US, Israeli, and Qatari officials in Paris were “successful” in reaching an initial framework for a possible deal, but there has not yet been a “breakthrough” reports Israel’s Yedioth Ahronoth news site, citing officials “familiar with the negotiations”.

The officials said Israel did not want to reach another stalemate in negotiations, likely to begin on Tuesday because time is of the essence for the captives still in Gaza.

“Their hourglass is running out”, one of the officials told the Israeli media. “We must work around the clock”

Lapid says ‘seditious’ videos of Israeli soldiers are dangerous

A video is circulating online showing an Israeli soldier making threats against Israeli war cabinet ministers who are pushing for a deal with Hamas.

“We want decisive victory,” the masked soldier says while standing in the apparent ruins of a Gaza home. “Those who harmed the nation of Israel … we want to annihilate them.”

The soldier criticised Defence Minister Yoav Gallant, and said if he and others fail to deliver on the victory, reservist soldiers will follow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Yair Lapid, the Israeli opposition leader, says in a post on X that such “seditious” videos are dangerous, regardless of whether they are real or staged.

“This madness must be stopped. This government needs to be removed from our lives before it destroys everything that is dear and sacred to this country.”

Palestinian PM calls on Italy to recognise Palestinian state: Report

Prime Minister Mohammed Mustafa urged Italy to take this step while meeting with Italian President Giorgia Meloni in Rome earlier today, reports the Wafa news agency.

Meloni, for her part, “reaffirmed the need to restart a political process leading to a lasting peace based on the two-state solution”, according to an Italian government release.

Meloni also said Italy supports ongoing efforts to reach a ceasefire in Gaza, supply more aid to the enclave, and free the captives still held there.


Israel’s war on Gaza is ‘real genocide’: Spanish defence minister

Margarita Robles, the defence minister of Spain, has said the war on Gaza, “which is a real genocide”, cannot be ignored.

“This is not against anyone, this is not against the Israeli state, this is not against the Israelis, who are people we respect,” she told TVE state television about Spain’s decision earlier this week to recognise Palestine as a sovereign state.

The move is aimed at ending the violence in Gaza, the minister added.

Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Diaz had also described the war as a genocide earlier this week.

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Report: Israeli army chief grilled by minister over October 7 attack

Israel’s transportation minister reportedly questioned the army chief to “explain to us where was the army on October 7” – the day of the deadly Hamas attack.

Israel’s military had warnings of a potential attack, Transportation Minister Miri Regev said in an apparently heated cabinet meeting on Thursday, according to The Times of Israel.

“If the Military Intelligence Directorate were so disturbed, why did you allow army-wide vacations in October? Why didn’t you do more?” Regev asked army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi.

Helvi responded, “All matters regarding the warning we gave about October 7 are being dealt with in internal investigations. If you meant in your question that we knew and ignored or that we wanted such a thing to happen – that’s not even worthy of a response.”

The Times cited leaked transcripts aired on Channel 12 as the source of the comments.

Pride (and arrogance) goes before the fall. The intelligence directorate wasn't that disturbed at all, had full confidence in their electronic surveillance and didn't believe Hamas could pull off the attack. Yes they largely ignored the warnings. It's not that they wanted such a thing to happen, they simply didn't believe it was possible to happen.

They had over a year to train for such an event with the plans in their hands. Yet instead chose inaction, believing the electronic fence, wall and military border posts were invincible.

What they should also be grilled about is the late response and nature of response which ended up killing more innocent people with the Hannibal directive. Helicopters firing hellfire missiles indiscriminately at cars and a tank shelling a house containing hostages. Some of which have been confirmed by the IDF

They didn't believe such an attack could happen and therefore didn't have a plan nor working command structure to deal with such an attack. The IDF literally got caught with their pants down and started firing blindly as a response. (And haven't stopped since)

Cruel, despicable way to deal with the death of hostages. Yet the IDF and Israeli prisons do no different. When will this end.

Hamas says more captives killed in Israeli attacks

Hamas says Israeli government and military officials continue to be responsible for the deaths of captives held in Gaza. A video released shows images of what the Palestinian group claims are the bodies of several captives allegedly killed in Israeli attacks.

“Ask Netanyahu and his government about their identities and names,” the text on the video reads in Arabic, Hebrew and English. “They can tell you everything because they know them well.” “This is how they will bring them back,” the video added, showing a picture of Israeli families crying over a coffin.

The footage comes as Israeli protesters demanded a deal to release the captives during weekly demonstrations in Tel Aviv.

People protest for the release of captives near the defence ministry in Tel Aviv


Israeli army says remains of three captives uncovered in ‘complex’ operation

The Israeli military released footage from the night raid that recovered the remains of three captives held in Gaza. It said the “complex” operation was conducted in a tunnel in Jabalia in northern Gaza, the same area where bodies of another four captives were recovered a week earlier.

According to the army, the exact location of the bodies was gleaned from intelligence obtained by the military and security agency Shin Bet over the past few days.

A Palestinian operative, who appeared to have been placed in the area as a lookout, was killed by Israeli soldiers before they raided and captured the site.

Israeli soldiers gather in Jabalia in northern Gaza in an operation that led to the recovery of three bodies of captives taken on October 7

Captives’ families demand end of the war on Gaza

Family members of Israeli captives held in Gaza say only an agreement to end the war can bring back their loved ones. “The conditions for a deal have not changed, the only way to return the hostages is by ending the war,” Einav Zangauker, whose son Matan is held in Gaz, said at a rally in Tel Aviv.

Zangauker, an outspoken critic of the Israeli government’s failure to bring back the captives, also demanded the government reach an agreement with Hamas.

In another Saturday of protests in Israel, demonstrators took to the streets in Tel Aviv and Haifa to demand the return of the captives and for elections to form a new government.

Thousands of Israelis demand return of captives after bodies recovered

Israeli police fired water cannon and forcibly removed demonstrators in downtown Tel Aviv as thousands rallied to demand urgent government action to bring home captives from Gaza.

Protesters observed a minute’s silence in Tel Aviv’s Hostages Square in honour of the captives whose bodies were recovered by Israeli troops this month. Another protest, calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an early election, was held nearby.

Palestinian fighters on October 7 took 252 hostages, 121 of whom remain in Gaza, including 37 the army says are dead.

‘You are responsible for our terrible failure – take responsibility’

These protests have gotten louder and louder and bigger and bigger week on week.

Thousands of Israeli demonstrators have gathered in Tel Aviv outside the defence ministry. There have also been antigovernment protests across the country in the past few hours, in the north in Haifa and outside the prime minister’s residency as well.

They’re calling for an immediate end to the war and the captives back as part of a deal, but also criticising the prime minister, telling him he needs to resign as soon as possible.

To give you a sense of the anger, one father – whose daughter was killed on October 7 – talking directly to Netanyahu said, “You are responsible for our terrible failure. Take responsibility.”

Protesters and families of Israeli captives gather outside the Kirya military headquarters in Tel Aviv

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All land crossings must be reopened for effective Gaza aid: UN

“In less than two weeks, nearly half of the population of Gaza has been once again forcibly displaced, all of them in dire need of assistance,” said Olga Cherevko, a UN aid worker in Gaza.

“We continue to face immense challenges amidst extreme insecurity and running out of supplies. Imagine how much more effective we could be if all land routes were to open and this war finally ended and Gaza could once again live and breathe without fear.”

What happened to the US floating pier aimed at delivering aid to Gaza?

It’s still a bit confusing what happened, but what we know according to US Central Command is that four pieces of what they call US army vessels broke free from the moorings due to heavy seas and drifted off to the sea.

What’s unclear is whether these vessels were actually tied together to form the pier itself or whether they were used for transport.

According to the Pentagon, two of the pieces were recovered and are anchored at the beach now and not in operation. Two others drifted so far north that they went past the Gaza Strip and are beached near the town of Ashkelon in Israel.

The Pentagon says the pier remains “fully functional”. They say there were no injuries, and they emphasise that during this operation there were still no US boots on the ground in Gaza and no soldiers will enter Gaza.

The $350m pier seems to be a complicated workaround for a problem that has a much simpler solution – for Israel to open land crossings to Gaza.

Fully functional yet no aid coming in :/

News of particularly bad atrocity comes out (attack on Al-Nazla elementary school, young children killed) internet gets shut down...

Paltel reports internet disruptions in northern Gaza

The Palestine Telecommunications Company (Paltel) has announced in a post on X that fixed internet services in Gaza and the northern Gaza Strip are facing disruptions due to ongoing Israeli attacks.

“Our crews are working hard to restore services as quickly as possible,” it said.

The Israeli military has been expanding its ground invasion of northern Gaza in recent weeks, heavily damaging infrastructure in the area while killing many Palestinians.

Internet observatory confirms internet disruptions across Gaza

The Netblocks watchdog confirms Palestinians across the Gaza Strip are experiencing disruptions to internet connectivity amid Israeli attacks. The disruptions, observed in Rafah, Deir el-Balah, Khan Younis and Gaza City are “likely to limit coverage of events on the ground”, the UK-based monitor said.

Since the beginning of the war on October 7, internet traffic in the Gaza Strip has undergone multiple blackouts and shutdowns. The outages also have made it extremely challenging to document and share information about what is happening on the ground.

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Hamas official denies media reports of ceasefire talks resuming

A Hamas official denied Israeli media reports that Gaza ceasefire talks would resume in Cairo on Tuesday. “There is no date,” the unnamed Hamas official told Reuters news agency when asked about the reports.

An unnamed Israeli official, requesting anonymity to discuss the negotiations, told AFP, “There is an intention to renew these talks this week and there is an agreement.”

The official did not elaborate on the agreement, but Israeli media said intelligence chief David Barnea agreed on a new framework for negotiations in a meeting with US and Qatari mediators in Paris.

Mediator Egypt is continuing “its efforts to reactivate ceasefire negotiations”, reported Al-Qahera News, which has links with Egyptian intelligence.

Israeli soldier seriously wounded in north Gaza fighting

The Israeli military says in a short statement another member of its Bislamach Brigade has been “seriously wounded” while fighting against Palestinians in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The unnamed soldier was wounded earlier and taken to hospital for treatment, according to the military. The number of Israeli soldiers wounded since the beginning of the war is 3,581. At least 634 Israeli troops have been killed, according to the Israeli army’s website.

Half of those died in the Oct 7 attacks and some of friendly fire accidents. Yet the resistance seems to be only getting stronger in Gaza.

Qassam Brigades reports series of attacks on Israeli forces

The armed wing of Hamas says one if its fighters hit an Israeli Merkava tank with a Yassin-105 anti-armour rocket in the vicinity of Salah al-Din Gate, south of the city of Rafah in southern Gaza.

It is the sixth attack claimed by the Qassam Brigades today with earlier attacks on Israeli troops and armoured vehicles in northern Gaza.

The group also released a video of an attack in which a tank and a bulldozer were hit at close range in the Jabalia camp in the north – seemingly by the same Palestinian fighter.

Translation: Scenes obtained by Al Jazeera of the battles taking place between the Qassam Brigades and the Israeli army in Rafah in southern Gaza Strip, showing the targeting of a Merkava tank and an Israeli military bulldozer.

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Palestinian injured in settler attacks in occupied West Bank

A young Palestinian has been injured by gunfire during an attack by Israeli settlers who were protected by the Israeli military.

The Wafa news agency quotes a local activist as saying the attack targeted homes of residents in the town of Qusra, south of Nablus, in the occupied West Bank.

It also reported another settler attack in the village of Dhahr al-Abad, southwest of Jenin in the northern West Bank, during which Israeli settlers cut down 15 olive trees belonging to Palestinians using electric saws.

In the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in occupied East Jerusalem, residents said hundreds of settlers gathered in a designated area under protection from the Israeli army to celebrate a Jewish festival.

An estimated 100,000 settlers are reportedly expected to enter the neighbourhood in the next two days, amid concerns of settler attacks on Palestinian homes and residents there.

20,000 with life-threatening conditions blocked from treatment abroad

More than 20,000 patients with severe disease are waiting for the opening of the Rafah crossing to leave Gaza for urgent medical treatment.

“More than 20,000 patients suffering of cancer, heart and blood diseases are waiting for the opening of the crossing in inhumane conditions due to the occupation, siege and war of extermination imposed on civilians in Gaza,” Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra said in a statement.

Al-Qudra called it “a war crime and a blatant violation of the health rights of patients stipulated in international humanitarian law”.

He urged the international community to intervene and save the victims from complications and death, highlighting that Israeli attacks on healthcare facilities have rendered them inoperative.

‘Tangible pressure’ needed to rein in Israel

Daniel Levy, president of the US/Middle East Project think tank, says the international pressure placed on Prime Minister Netanyahu the past week is “mostly in the symbolic realm”.

“The layers and layers of impunity that Israel has built up are being slowly chipped away at. But what are we seeing in terms of the flow of weapons? What are we seeing in terms of trade? Israel’s participation in international sporting events?” Levy, a former Israeli government negotiator, told Al Jazeera.

“I think this tells us this is a week we’ll look back on and say, ‘This was the beginning in a real shift in pressure.’ But right now, it needs to be really intensified.”

He said the internal debate inside Israel’s fractious coalition government right now is whether to ethnically cleanse Gaza, or just to occupy it militarily.

“The only reason Israel is doing what it’s doing is because there has been no accountability. There has been impunity. We all know the United States does an awful lot, with its European allies, to shield Israel,” Levy said.

Rights monitor outlines Israeli torture methods of Palestinian prisoners

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor says it documented 42 forms of torture and inhumane and degrading treatment committed by Israeli forces against Palestinian prisoners since the start of the war on Gaza.

Some of the forms of abuse reported by the Geneva-based group, based on 100 testimonies, include:

  • Breaking bones and teeth
  • Threats of rape
  • Electric shocks
  • Strip searches and forced nudity
  • Urinating and spitting on detainees
  • Humiliation by dressing detainees in diapers

Qassam Brigades claims to capture Israeli soldiers in Gaza ambush

Abu Obeida, the spokesman for the armed wing of Hamas, says in a recorded audio message the Palestinian group has taken Israeli soldiers captive during an operation in Gaza.

Qassam Brigades fighters “lured a Zionist force” into a tunnel in the Jabalia camp in northern Gaza and engaged them in close-quarters combat, he said.

The Israeli soldiers, whose numbers Abu Obeida did not specify, were all killed, wounded or captured. The group also released a short video that appeared to show an Israeli soldier being dragged away by Palestinian fighters inside a Hamas tunnel.

Israel’s army denies soldiers captured during Hamas operation

Israel’s military immediately denied a statement from Hamas that fighters captured an unidentified number of Israeli soldiers in Jabalia, northern Gaza.

“The [Israeli army] clarifies there is no incident of kidnapping a soldier,” the army said in a post on X.

Hezbollah says it launched eight attacks on Israeli positions

The latest of eight attacks by the armed Lebanese group was against soldiers with unspecified weapons. Hezbollah also it hit a building used by Israeli troops in Al-Manara, and “spy equipment” in the occupied Kfarchouba hills.

The group released multiple videos of attacks on Israeli positions during the past few days, with one showing an anti-tank guided missile used to directly hit an armoured troop carrier.

Hezbollah confirmed the deaths of two of its fighters in Israeli strikes as well.