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Forums - Politics Discussion - Israel-Hamas war, Gaza genocide

IDF Likely KILLED This Little Girl, Investigation Uncovers

More details are emerging from the death of a 6-year-old Palestinian girl named Hind Rajab. Ana Kasparian discusses on The Young Turks.

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Reporter FED UP With White House BS About Israel’s Strike On Iranian Consulate

Israel Considers Attacking Iran and Invading Rafah as Netanyahu Seeks Lifelines to Stay in Power

Striking Iran's nuclear facilities 'on the table', says ex-Mossad official

Former director of intelligence of the Mossad Zohar Palti spoke to Sky's Yalda Hakim in Jerusalem about possible responses after Iran launched more than 300 missiles and drones at Israel. He said targeting nuclear facilities in Iran is among the options "on the table".

Israel-Iran conflict: Israel plans to retaliate against Iran despite threats | LiveNOW from FOX

Israel prepares Iran attack retaliation - vows ‘to do everything necessary’

Iran's President has warned that the tiniest attack by Israel will provoke a massive and harsh response.

Facism at work

Police crack down on Columbia University Gaza protest

Local media and social media users are reporting that the New York City Police Department has stormed the campus of Columbia University, where students have been camped out in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, demanding that the institution divest from Israel.

Photos show the police on campus a short while ago, and video verified by Al Jazeera shows arrests being made.

University management had given the students a deadline to leave, which the majority of them ignored.

Earlier this week, leaders from Columbia University appeared before a committee in the United States Congress to face questions about alleged instances of anti-Semitism on campus. The hearing was a sequel of sorts to a similar panel held in December, featuring the presidents of Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Lol the US news calls it anti-Israel protesters, not surprised.

US CAUGHT HIDING Proof Israel Torture, War Crimes

US 'Gives OK' To Israeli CATASTROPHIC Invasion

When is violence, terrorism and when is it mental illness?

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Guyana exposes Israel’s perverse design in Gaza, rogue regime’s disdain for UN

Satellite images reveal destruction of hospitals in Gaza

The crisis in Gaza’s hospitals, or what remains of them, is catastrophic. Hospitals can barely treat patients, and staff don’t have the equipment, medicine or even beds necessary to take care of Palestinians in the enclave, who are struggling to survive under Israeli bombing.

The hospitals themselves have come under repeated attack with most damaged or destroyed. A medical team sent to Gaza by three aid groups described the situation in the hospitals as having reached “unimaginable” levels.

To understand the scale of the physical damage to the hospitals in the Gaza Strip, Al Jazeera’s Sanad verification agency analysed satellite images captured from October 22 to March 27.

Sanad found that 24 hospitals were damaged, including:

  • 6 hospitals in northern Gaza
  • 10 hospitals in Gaza City
  • 1 hospital in Deir el-Balah
  • 7 hospitals in Khan Younis

The analysis covers hospitals that have been destroyed or occupied by Israeli forces.

Al-Shifa hospital

Rise in ‘scholasticide’ Gaza education system

Sean Carroll, president and CEO of the American Near East Refugee Aid (Anera) organisation, says the entire formal education system in Gaza “has come to a standstill”. Discussing the destruction of the education system in Gaza, Carroll told Al Jazeera the term “scholasticide” is accurate and reflects the targeting of schools in the besieged enclave.

Palestinians “know the importance of education”, he said, adding that formal education is “paramount” among Palestinians in Gaza as well as in the occupied West Bank. “The literacy rate in Gaza is 97 or 98 percent, even higher than the West Bank,” Carroll said.

“Now, every single university in Gaza is out of commission, and the entire education system … has come to a standstill.” The targeting of schools and the inability of “anyone” to get a formal education are giving rise to the term “scholasticide”, Carroll said.

US indeed OKs the invasion of Rafah

US says Israel agrees to listen to American concerns during Rafah meeting

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan says that Israeli and US officials have met on Israel’s planned invasion of Gaza’s southern city of Rafah, the last city in the Gaza Strip yet untouched by an Israeli army ground offensive.

Around 1.5 million people, most of them displaced from other parts of Gaza, are currently sheltering in the city, and the US has said for months that it will not support Israel’s upcoming attack if a plan is not in place to protect the civilians there.

Sullivan said US and Israeli officials discussed US concerns with various courses of action in Rafah, which Israel agreed to take into account and discuss further, adding officials will meet again soon.

The two sides agreed on the shared objective to see Hamas defeated in Rafah,” the White House said in a statement, adding that the meeting involved the US-Israel Strategic Consultative Group, which was convened by Sullivan.

Israel has been slow to react to US requests over the course of its war on Gaza, including on the protection of civilians and humanitarian workers, as well as on the amount of aid that gets into the Strip.

Spokesperson Patrick Ryder says the Pentagon views the discussions with the Israelis regarding Rafah were technical in nature. He said the discussion enabled the United States to share with Israel its “concerns” and “provide lessons learned” from years of conducting “those types of operations.”

“We understand the need of Israel to go after Hamas, to eliminate, or defeat Hamas’ threat” “We believe there is a way to do this while also taking into account the civilian safety and ensuring humanitarian assistance,” Ryder said

Delusional bunch of fanatics. Still nothing learned from Mosul, Fallujah, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Yemen and so on.

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‘Not enough aid is getting into Gaza’: UNRWA

The United Nations Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) says humanitarian agencies face continuous challenges in delivering aid to people in a post on X.

The agency listed several obstacles it faces, including:

  • Time: Aid crossing into Gaza is subject to complex requirements during the offload.
  • Cold chain: Sensitive cold-chain cargo (food and medicines) is offloaded and left exposed until the UN is allowed to pick it up.
  • Safety of the UN teams: Aid convoys have been hit by drones and strikes.
  • Space: UNRWA’s main logistics base in Rafah is only partially operational; warehouse & distribution space is limited throughout the enclave, and most of it is no longer possible to reach or has been destroyed.
  • Trucks: Since the beginning of Israel’s war on Gaza, most of the agency’s trucks used to transport aid have been damaged or destroyed.

And the US is ok with invading Rafah...

As expected

US stops UN from recognizing a Palestinian state through membership

UNITED NATIONS, April 18 (Reuters) - The United States on Thursday effectively stopped the United Nations from recognizing a Palestinian state by casting a veto in the Security Council to deny the Palestinian Authority full membership of the world body.

The United States says an independent Palestinian state should be established through direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and not through U.N. action.

It vetoed a draft resolution that recommended to the 193-member U.N. General Assembly that "the State of Palestine be admitted to membership of the United Nations." Britain and Switzerland abstained, while the remaining 12 council members voted yes.

United Nations are a joke with veto power, reform is needed. The UN is just a tool for the veto holders to oppress the rest of the members.


US showing it’s ‘my way or the highway’ with UNSC veto

Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst Marwan Bishara says that, once again, the US’s veto demonstrated a policy of “it’s my way or the highway”.

“Palestine could only be a country the way the United States sees it, or Israel sees it, only at the time that it’s suitable to the United States and within the geopolitics and the global interest of the United States,” Bishara said.

The US is therefore sacrificing the “freedom of Palestinian people for egotistical and narrow interests of the United States and Israel”, he said.

US deputy ambassador to the UN speaks after the vote

Robert Wood says the United States “has worked vigorously and with determination to support Palestinian statehood in the context of a comprehensive peace agreement that would permanently resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict”.

“Since the attacks of October 7, President Biden has been clear that sustainable peace in the region can only be achieved through a two-state solution with Israel’s security guarantee,” he said after he raised his hand to vote against and veto the resolution supporting full membership for Palestine at the UN.

“There is no other path that guarantees Israel’s security and future as a democratic Jewish state,” Wood continued.

He said that “there are unresolved questions as to whether the applicant meets the criteria to be considered a state”.

“We have long called on the Palestinian Authority to undertake necessary reforms to help establish the attributes of readiness for statehood and note that Hamas, a terrorist organisation, is currently exerting power and influence in Gaza, an integral part of the state envisioned in this resolution,” he said.

Palestinian’s bid doesn’t go any further than this, but level of support significant

This is how the process plays out in the Charter of the United Nations:

It first goes to the Security Council committee. If it doesn’t get consensus in the committee, it can then be forced to a vote. That’s the vote that just happened with the resolution put forward by Algeria. The US decided to veto it. That’s it. It does not go to the General Assembly.

There’s no other avenue for Palestine at this point to get full membership unless the United States changes its position, but we don’t see that in the foreseeable future.

This was really a vote that was pretty overwhelmingly in favour of Palestine. The fact that you saw Ecuador, Korea, Japan and France vote for this really shows how isolated the United States is on this issue. Make no mistake about it: The United States would have preferred that this would not have gotten nine votes because then it would not have had to veto it.

We’re here every day at the UN. We talk to diplomats; we gauge the mood on a daily basis. And it wasn’t guaranteed that this was going to get nine votes. The fact it got 12 votes in favour of Palestine [out of 15] is very significant. Make no mistake about that.

‘Unfair, unethical and unjustified’: Palestine responds to US veto

The Palestinian presidency has condemned the US veto of the Security Council resolution that recommended full UN membership for a Palestinian state. The presidency said in a statement the US veto was “unfair, unethical and unjustified”.

Egypt expresses ‘deep regret’ over UNSC vote

Egypt has expressed “deep regret” over the inability of the UN Security Council to pass a resolution recognising a Palestinian state through full UN membership. In a statement, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry said approving Palestine’s bid to become a full UN member is a vital step and “is an inherent right of the Palestinian people”.

It also said preventing Palestine from gaining full UN membership is a move that is “not consistent with the legal and historical responsibility” of the international community, which needs to aid all parties in reaching a “final and just solution to the Palestinian issue”.

UN resolution was a ‘shameful proposal’: Israeli FM

Israel Katz commended the United States for vetoing the UNSC resolution, which he labelled a “shameful proposal” in a post on X. “It is outrageous that even half a year after the October 7 massacre, the UN Security Council failed to condemn Hamas[‘s] horrific crimes,” he wrote.

“Israel will continue to fight until the fall of Hamas and the release of all 133 Israeli abductees,” he said.

Russia slams US for rejecting Palestine’s bid for full UN membership

Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzia has spoken in favour of granting Palestine full membership to the Security Council, saying “an absolute majority of the global community” also supports it.

By exercising its veto, the US has demonstrated “what they really think of the Palestinians”, Nebenzia told the UNSC. Washington thinks “they do not deserve to have their own state”, and it only realises “the interest of Israel”, he said. Nebenzia said the US is turning a blind eye to the “crimes of Israel” against civilians in Gaza, as well as the continuation of the illegal settlement activity in the occupied West Bank.

“The aim is to break the Palestinians’s will, to force them once and for all to submit to the occupying power, to turn them into servants and second-class persons, and perhaps, to once and for all force them out of their native territory,” he said.

However, he said, “that policy is only having an opposite impact”.

Russia's ambassador abuses his veto power as well, but he speaks true words in this case.

I've been boycotting "product from the USA" for a while already. I hope more people follow. The USA is on a dark path, leading us all into WW3.