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Forums - Gaming Discussion - 1984, Game of the Year


1984, Game of the Year

1942 2 4.44%
Marble Madness 2 4.44%
Punch Out!! 8 17.78%
Bruce Lee 1 2.22%
Elite 6 13.33%
Ghostbusters 1 2.22%
King's Quest 8 17.78%
Duck Hunt 12 26.67%
Excitebike 3 6.67%
Other (please specify) 2 4.44%

I'm tempted to go with Elite for love of the genre, but I'll say King's Quest as I've played first seven and number of other Sierra adventures.

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Aside from Punchout and Excitebike, I'm not really familiar with these games, and those two weren't really my thing - although I do very much understand why they're the most iconic games of that year (I think). I have played sequels, though. That's why I'm leaning toward King's Quest... unless someone brings up a game that better fits my tastes.

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Kings quest was interesting for it gave you the most exploration. It was the elder scrolls of its time.