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Forums - Movies & TV - Need help finding the name of a movie.

I’ve been wondering about the name of a movie for years. I’d bet that someone here knows it. So here goes. 

It’s a comedy from the 80s. A teenager has a car and he’s going to take a girl he really likes to prom. Somehow, she gets kidnapped by a drug dealer and sold to another drug dealer. The guy has to track her down by going through the slums and what not. The most famous quote from the movie is when the guy over hears a prostitute on a pay phone giving advice to another prostitute. She says, “I know what it’s called but you don’t actually blow on it.”

He rescues her at the end. She’s tied to a bed post and they take her with the bed post and get in the convertible to get out of the ghetto. He drops her off at home with the sun coming up. Her parents still sleeping. It all happens in one night. 

Anyone know the name of this one?

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Could it be The Night Before (1988) featuring Keanu Reeves?

Sounds like it.

Jpcc86 said:

Could it be The Night Before (1988) featuring Keanu Reeves?

Thank you!

I’ve actually been wondering what it was for about 20 years, no lie! I had no idea Keanu was the star. I saw this when I was too young to recognize him. Phew! Glad I asked.

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