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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony Business Segment Meeting 2022 (PSVR2, PC sales numbers)

Shocking how much less gamers are spending on buying games nowadays compared to how much they're spending add ons, no wonder SONY is freaking out about COD (and why they're dying for their own Fortnite). I think anyone who's unhappy with them chasing GAAS is unhappy with sound management that is identifying areas of growth and investing rightfully in that sector. SONY isn't going to survive MS onslaught and acquisitions without sound management.

Nintendo and Apple are examples of who made it because of sound management despite the much larger sharks swimming around them, you should be comforted SONY is trying to find their way as well (I still think they've got a long way to go and they're racing time now the bear is awake lol).

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New hardware reveal right? End of showcase?

Bite my shiny metal cockpit!