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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Land or 1-2-Switch?

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Nintendo Land or 1-2-Switch?

Nintendo Land 26 96.30%
1-2-Switch 1 3.70%

Granted I haven't played either, but 1-2 Switch looked like it was worth no more than an hour of playtime, and I bet that would have been a mediocre hour. So Nintendo Land by default, though I have no idea how good Nintendo Land was.

Wii Sports was meant to be a tech demo and turned out to be the system seller that sold tens of millions of system because it was basic but super fun and multiplayer and casual. I would love to see next-gen launch with some basic but really fun game like that, rather than a shovelware game you have to actually buy like 1-2 Switch.

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Nintendo Land looks to be significantly more creative and fun.

Nintendo Land and it's not even close. Mario Chase and the Luigi's mansion one were incredibly fun with friends.


I don't think Nintendo ever expected 1-2 Switch to be anywhere near the level of Wii Sports. Switch had Zelda as its big launch title, with Mario Kart soon following.

1-2 Switch was a fun little game for what it was. But, charging 50 bucks for a game that like literally had no graphics was pretty wild. I think people would have gotten a kick out of it had it been a pack in title as it should have been.

Nintendo Land on the other hand is an underrated gem. Really showcased what the Wii U could offer in a way that sadly no other game really followed up on. Metroid and Zelda were great experiences, and Mario Chase and Luigi's Mansion were great multiplayer titles. Really wish that game had been around when I was in college and regularly had a bunch of other gamers around me. Also wish it would come to the Switch. would take two systems to really make it work, but enough people have the Switch to make it viable.

A) Nintendo Land is the clear choice.

B) Wii Sports, Nintendo Land and 1-2 Switch may seem similar on the surface, but I wouldn't put 1-2 Switch in the same category as the other two, because it wasn't meant to be the console's flagship launch title, i.e. the title that signifies the direction that the whole console is going.  Here is how I see it:

Wii Sports was the flagship title for the Wii, and it was a resounding success.
Nintendo Land was the flagship title for the Wii U, and in that sense it was a dud and a failure.
Breath of the Wild was the flagship title for the Switch and it was a resounding success.

1-2 Switch was really just another launch title to see if they could pull in the Wii audience, which it really didn't.  I don't believe Nintendo themselves took it as seriously as either Wii Sports or Nintendo Land.