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Forums - Sony Discussion - Forspoken help, motion blur terrible

Spade said:
KratosLives said:

I was starting to get into the game world and exploration, and I want to continue, but I can't cause what's the point of engaging with what you can't see . Those retards at devlopment, they clearly don't know the basic fundamental of game design.

It's ok, the sequel will be better. 

The game bombed real hard. There won't be a sequel. The studio is even going defunct and getting merged into Square Enix.

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Just a side effect of a game that was developed by the small remains of Tabata's team (that eventually became Luminous studios)

FF Type-0 had awful motion blur too lol

Its not a bug, but a feature lol

TheTitaniumNub said:
CloudxTifa said:

Forspoken is a good game but if you have a dope PC.

Soulstice is miles better, Steam reviews easily prove that. Forspoken is easily one of the most mediocre games to release in 2023. 

I do my own opinion and don't follow anyone.


If you have a very good PC, and you are interesting in the game, try the demo. If you like it, you will like the game, if not, forget it. lol

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