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Did you catch the Savage Starlight references / nods?

Yes, but it's just that, nothing more. 0 0%
No 1 33.33%
Yes, this is certain proo... 2 66.67%

Finally finished the series and for those haven't seen it at all or not finished it yet, don't worry this shouldn't have any spoilers and if anyone does put any in, please add spoiler warnings in your post.

I decided to make this thread as there wasn't one reference, but several references / nods to Savage Starlight in the series.

For those of you who haven't played the game, Naughty Dog out collectible comics in the game called Savage Starlight. At the time when the game was released, everyone thought this would be the new game Naughty Dog will work on, but instead we got a remaster and a sequel with.

Now we have Neil Druckmann say there are working on a game which is fully in development and it is not TLOU.

Several episodes have the Savage Starlight comic and one episode even goes through some story and characters.

The final episode which I watched today, there is mention of things to do when it's all over and one of those things is going to the moon. 

If Savage Starlight would have only been referenced once, fair enough, but I think it's been put in the series enough, with more detail that it needed for it to just be a coincidence.

What are your thoughts?

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Neil has said that the team is now structured to handle development of multiple games simultaneously, and that their next major game is the TloU MP game.
Whether TloU3 is the next game after that or not is not something he confirmed or denied. Granted, the implication appears to be that they have something else further in development. If it's Savage Starlight, that would be great. It's something fans have kinda asked for.

Really excited to see what ND's output is: TloU MP, TloU 2 DC, new Uncharted, potential new game?

TLOU MP is hopefully is almost complete.

If Starlight is being worked on, I wonder if they will go linear, wide linear or open world.

One way or another it will be compared to Starfield, but I reckon it's happening.

With the success of TLOU series, I reckon a lot of the Devs at PS Studios will start creating games with TV in mind. The last great SciFi series was BSG and I wouldn't be surprised if ND will use that as inspiration.

Neil didn’t say their next major game wasn’t TLoU; he specifically said he couldn’t say whether it was or wasn’t.

There was a supposed insider scoop that reported their next game WAS TLoUp3. Personally, I think it will be TLoUp3. I think Neil wants to bring TLoU to a conclusive end, and the success of the show has likely also contributed to his decision making. Plus, Neil mentioned like a year ago or something that they already had the idea/general story mapped out for TLoUp3.