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*This thread will serve as the official version of the Forum Guidelines. If you adhere to the general rule of "don't be a jerk", you should be fine.


  • One Account per user

○  Having multiple accounts is prohibited. No exceptions!

○  If you have been locked out of your account, speak with a Site Admin or Lead Moderator

○  Because new users have not yet shown a commitment to civil discourse, moderators may look more harshly upon infractions

Note* If a Lead Moderator or Site Administrator deems your username to be inappropriate, they may permanently disable your account. You are free to create a new account with a more appropriate name.


A) Thread Titles:

○  Need to accurately describe the subject content and should not use deceptive hooks to lure people in

○  Should use proper capitalization (no CAPS), grammar, and spelling and should not use profanity

○  RUMORS: Only create threads based on credible rumors. Do not come up with rumors of your own

B) Thread Content:

○  Copy/Pasting full transcriptions of articles is strictly prohibited!

○  Your thread should never only be a link to the story/article/video/etc. You must include your own commentary

○  Threads cannot be aimed at moderators or users. If you wish to speak with a user, send them a Private Message

○  Engage the thread. Don’t simply create a topic and not post again. Add some of your own thoughts and views

Note* BANNED SITES/SOURCES: OneAngryGamer, Dealer Gaming, and DSOGaming. Any threads or topics that use these sources will be locked.


○   Some suggestive content is allowed, but must NSFW Discussion with an NSFW warning 

○   Absolutely NO - Child pornography, exposed genitalia, or sexual intercourse of any kind


○   Content is king for all posts and threads (see guidelines on threads above)

○   Do not say that item A/B/C sucks! Give reasons why a product is either bad or great

○   Avoid "In Before The Lock" (IBTL) posts

○   Do not post spoilers unless you have CLEARLY marked them (such as using a spoiler tag)

○   Some profanity is understandable, but try not to overdo it. VGC is a place for people of all ages, so be mindful

○   Copyrighted Content (ex. copies of games/ROMs) is prohibited


○   Must not be unreasonably long (avoid big lines breaks, excessive text)

○   GIFs contained within signatures must not exceed 1.5MB and 270 pixels in height

○   Cannot contain graphic violence or sexual/NSFW content and must also be free from flashing lights and other discomfort-inducing GIFs

○   Quotes in signatures are subject to the approval of the quoted member. You must remove a quote of a member from your signature if asked to do so

Inappropriate Behavior Styles


    ○   Insulting people (ex. name calling, personal attacks)

    ○   Racist, sexist, hateful, toxic, or otherwise demeaning comments will not be tolerated (jokes will considered on a case-by-case basis)


    ○   Necro-bumping threads beyond 30 days without good cause

    ○   Posting more than three consecutive times in a thread. Use the multi-quote function if that helps

    ○   Backseat Moderating - You are not a moderator! Use the Report button or contact a moderator via PM if you see anything that needs attention

    ○   Thread Duplication - Threads may be consolidated if they are not sufficiently distinct from other active topics

    ○   Repeating Ideas/Views - Even if it's well defended, you should make your point and move on


    ○   Explain and justify your opinions. If you have nothing reasonable and/or relevant to add to a topic, then don't post at all

    ○   The forums are here for all gamers. Try to keep anti-platform/game comments to an absolute minimum

    ○   Do not create threads, posts, signatures, etc. just to bait people of a specific fan group. Such content may be locked and/or met with moderation

    Note 1* Any user has the right to request that you stop contacting them for good reason (be it in a PM, on their personal wall, or in the forums). If you continue to contact them, you may find yourself moderated. Try to respect their wishes

    Note 2* Moderators will look at overt discrimination very harshly. Blatant forms of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other sort of hatred towards a group of people(s) will not be tolerated and will be met with firm moderation. This is a place for any and every type of person, so try to avoid generalizing any group. 


    ○   Do not attack Staff. If there is a problem with anything done on (or to) VGChartz, we can have someone look at it. Some critiquing is okay (such as suggestions for site databases/fixes), but that's the extent of it. Do not post about moderator decisions on the forum, articles or on walls. Instead, PM a moderator if you have any feedback. No bullying or continuous badgering of any kind will be allowed. 

    ○   Do not attack the Website. Reasonable debate based on facts is acceptable, but repeated attacks and negative comments about the site will not be tolerated. As with Staff, this also applies to PMs, thread posts, wall posts, and any other site-related conversation.

    *THREATS OR ACTS OF RETALIATION/REVENGE ON ANY STAFF MEMBER (SUCH AS BLACKMAIL, HACKING, OR ANY TYPE OF POTENTIAL VIOLENCE) WILL BE MET WITH THE HARSHEST PENALTIES. We are happy to give controversial situations another look, but will not tolerate any threats whatsoever. Violating this will result in a permanent ban from the site by a Lead Moderator or Site Administrator. No exceptions to this.

    Final Note* This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of everything that a user can be punished for. It is a general guideline to the level of conduct we expect from users. Please also read the Terms of Use which governs general site conduct and legal obligations of both VGChartz Ltd and you as a user.

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